Friday, October 21, 2011

Makeup for girls not only look cute and adorable, but it's also a way of expressing your inner soul, too.
Do you want to know a sharp eye or a cat eyes dreamy smoke imply anything? Find out Nhe!
Smoke Eyes
Makeup habits say about you?
When women smoke eye makeup styles they wanted to show become more mysterious in the eyes of others. The eyes are windows to the soul, so when you decide to build buzz for the eyes, the message you're sending to the face that is "hidden inner beauty to be attractive, sexy of a woman. "
If you want to conquer him by the mysterious beauty, you do not miss smoking eye makeup are light!
Red Lips
Lipstick red represents a woman confident, strong, and energetic. You know what you want and believe will achieve what you want.
Makeup habits say about you?
A dark red lips also expressed an optimistic personality, even reckless. Do not forget this type of make-up for an interview light, strong it is effective there.
Cat's Eye
Cat eye makeup clearly do not fit everyone, so, if you choose this makeup prove you're a very confident woman in her inner beauty. And everyone must recognize, confidence makes a woman look sexy.
Makeup habits say about you?
People who like cat eye makeup is also a great friend. They will never forget your birthday, and preferences of friends.
Pastel eye shadow
Makeup habits say about you?
Gentle tones that give girls innocent beauty, romance and femininity. If you want to "false deer" in front of him, do not ignore when choosing g pastel eye shadow.
Nude lip color
Makeup habits say about you?
Those who choose nude lip colors usually form a simple, easy to satisfy. You do not care what others think about you, and do not like too improve myself.
Nude lip color also shows you who do not mind the little things in life, besides, you also have a little humor always know how to make life more fun.
False eyelashes
Makeup habits say about you?
Wearing false eyelashes prove you're hiding something about his real person, rather a way to "disguise". However, if you choose this type of makeup in the evening, you will look very attractive and charming. If you are in crowded place, will definitely have a lot of guys to flirt with you because the pairs of false eyelashes to give you that special appeal.


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