Monday, October 31, 2011

A collection of 7700 coins in gold, silver and bronze from ancient times been considered a treasure of Banghazi disappeared after civil war broke out in Libya. A similar coin sold for $ 431,000 in France earlier this month.

One expert described "this is one of the largest thefts of archaeological history" with coins dating from the time Alexander the Great. We do not have much value, but a coin hoard of ancient Greece from Carthage were sold for $ 431,000 at an auction in Paris earlier this month.
Burglary largest archaeological human history in Libya
Nearly 8,000 ancient coins stolen from Banghazi.

Investigators said the thieves had cut a hole large thickness of the cover concrete tunnel where more than 7,000 ancient coins are stored. The protection of the metal cabinets of the dam was breaking apart. The experts here are not those of the foul. We know exactly what she needs to find Where's because they never touched the antique cabinet contains other treasures hidden in the basement of the National Commercial Bank located in Benghazi Libya.
However, many other artifacts in gold, ivory and precious stones disappeared from the place of storage. Although the theft happened earlier this year but the government NTC hidden until recently. Many people speculate, NTC is not the reason for the disclosure of information for fear of negative evaluation.
Archaeologists fear it will be difficult for Libya to reclaim a treasure when they are abroad. This is a serious loss for the country and Libya in particular archaeological enthusiasts around the world in general.


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