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Known as the "Paris Hilton UK", but it was surprising Petra, her beautiful blond daughter of F1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone was not unruly, channel type that is quite timid, shy.
When the newspaper correspondents met Telegraph , Petra Ecclestone are very worried about buying your new dog. She raised an eyebrow: "It is not very healthy. They think it might be food poisoning. " Earlier in October, she was suddenly inspired to sub-directory and bought two dogs, even with seven children. "We got to New York for Fashion Week and at times do not know what to do bored, I went to buy two new dogs." Not that those pretty pretty tiny. "They are hunting dogs like English giants. I prefer dogs to that ".
Portrait of 'Paris Hilton' darling of the British
Clearly, the gold leaf jade branches do not like what Ecclestone small. Daughter of F1 racing boss with his ex-wife, Slavica Radic, like a large diamond (diamond ring which she skillfully put into bags start to the interview to the shock), the big house, and hit the wedding planning career development businesslike. Next year she will release the Stark collection bags.
In the past half year, according to the press on his stomach running back screen shows the extended class Ecclestone daughter's home. A sunny day in May, she held lavish parties engaged to James Stunt, an art broker. Then in June then buy extravagant Petra huge mansion in Los Angeles to 123 rooms with 91 million pounds (150 million USD). This residence was home to the world's most expensive on the market.
Two months later, the newspapers are filled with information about the wedding "blow" her 5 million pounds at Castello Orsini-Odescalchi castle, outskirts of Rome. Known as the "Paris Hilton" of England, but it was surprising no unruly Petra, channel type that is quite timid, shy. Journalists who have met both her surprise and confessed that, hardly endearing 22-year-old heiress.
Portrait of 'Paris Hilton' darling of the British
Petra and father - F1 racing boss.
Sitting at the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Petra polite waitress asked: "Can I call Caesar salad but no fish?". Of course. Her father owns 2.5 billion pounds of assets, and besides, she was in Los Angeles, you can use this salad with strawberries, if required. But Petra moved to America a month still to adjust gradually to the new environment.
Stunt Petra Ecclestone met, 26 years old, 5 years ago, and since then they always try to always be together at night. As the billionaire, Petra would of course have to fear a man with his money, not love.But she was surprisingly confident: "It is difficult to nothing. If a man wants to take advantage of my fame, I will know soon. James was not the same. And he was enough money to live comfortably. If we travel, he will pay. So I do not have to drag him away and pay the household. Of course, there are many other reasons why I got him attractive. "
Portrait of 'Paris Hilton' darling of the British
Happy couple.
Born and raised in silk velvet, Petra was forced to mature early. When 10 years old, she attended the show the first high fashion (of Dior). At 16, a meeting Petra "release" the elite at the Crillon Ball gala, Paris. Since childhood, she had to spend so much time to attend a party held by parents and not be comfortable having fun, fussy. She had to "act like adults."
In 2009, after 24 years of marriage, Petra's parents divorced, and that is one of the most difficult stage to go through Petra. To her daughter, but not too shocked to do things or not, Ms. Slavica often put their children in the foreign country is the port city of Rijeka, Croatia, to meet her relatives.
In addition to the short time the school girls Francis Holland, Petra never rebelled. She was not using drugs and alcohol. The only thing she likes is coctail Malibu pineapple, because it does not taste like alcohol. Tried by teenagers as a model and designer labels male Form - victims of the recession in 2009 - now Petra is determined to become an entrepreneur.
Portrait of 'Paris Hilton' darling of the British
Reporter newspaper Telegraph was told before not to mention story house with Petra. But the girl was 22 and newly married people know what to do with up to 123 villas and 27 rooms of this bathroom? Maybe she would not soon born cubs or a star?
Unexpectedly Petra nodded agreement: "I want to have 3-4 children before 30 years of age. I thought maybe I kept buying more dogs to support loneliness. But I have seen many homes, there are places like museums than houses. This house feels very warm, very suitable for a real family. " She also confirmed that the old mansion of Aaron Spelling is a good investment, even though her sister's lover, Omar Kyhami sure this is just a "financial disaster".
"I was getting a good contract. I mean two years has anyone to afford this house? Not many people have enough money. That's why not sell the house forever. " Spent nearly 100 million pounds to buy houses but do not stop there, Petra was repaired, decorated entirely in two months. No daydreaming pink, not white luxury, she chose to paint the entire house up. Even the couple's bedroom is painted black.
Portrait of 'Paris Hilton' darling of the British
Panorama Villas "crisis" of Petra.
Petra recognized her passion for design plans. But new shoes really make her crazy, "I actually have quite a collection. Every 3-4 months to have to transfer all the shoes that were purchased to Croatia to charity. " That is, in a small village in Croatia, all these women are going Louboutin shoes. Yes, there!
When her children to the U.S. housing crisis, her sister Tamara is not less competitive. Early in October, Tamara Los Angeles and claims to find home "from 100 million pounds or more." When the media questions the girls are competing, pushing to Tamara: "People have asked Petra instead." Petra's answer was: "I do not see anything in this competition. Tamara likes to be photographed, like place, and I am more shy. "
Portrait of 'Paris Hilton' darling of the British
Villa Tamara made her jealous sister.
In the near future will show Tamara Tamara Ecclestone: Billion Dollar Girl , and Petra could not be present in the show, because it was filmed during the time they are the Monaco Grand Prix award. But her sister wanted to make clear the difference between the ambitions of the two. "I like behind the camera than to the design. I'm not too high ambitions but hope to open stores shoes, bags around the world. " Petra's objective is to in 30 years, designer handbags would become her main job. Estimated Stark collection will be 35 luxury bags, priced between 495 USD to $ 2,500.
They say their main job is to spend Father's Petra. But she said: "I do not want to wake up the morning light and had nothing to do. I do not need to work but I have chosen work. I want my parents proud though I will not be successful as published ".


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