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Revealing system of tunnels beneath the White House
The White House has a series of tunnels though the exact number is kept secret. However, the most famous underground corridor is the corridor leading to the emergency center campaign of President (PEOC).

In 2010, the project expanded the White House tunnel system was conducted secretly. The device was taken to build fences around high rise wing of the White House. Initially, an attempt not to consider where to place in order to deceive the public about the true nature of the work has led to the bulletin on a single project is to upgrade the utility system.
However, the large scale of the development gives rise to many doubts as well as countless conspiracy theories.
In the spirit of openness and transparency, the Obama administration decided to open things.
History of the White House underground system

The construction of secret underground system in the White House began from the first time in 1950 under the Truman administration. The White House is gradually deteriorating and the government needs to decide large-scale remodeling.
President Truman moved to the nearby Blue House in three years, while the inner part of the White House was completely rebuilt with concrete and steel beams.
It is time that engineers know the foresight to plan to build a network of secret tunnels and bunkers, massive to allow the President and his staff moved quickly to any emergency meeting dawn of the Cold War period.
Subway system secrets

Washington metro network is a system of rapid transit in the city, serving Washington DC area. According to data "official", 170km long metro system, with 86 stations in the district of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. Plans to build the subway system began in 1950 during the height of the Cold War.
President Eisenhower established the plan a secret railway responsible for developing the railway system underground secrets Monday along a secondary system for public funds. Construction works began in 1969 and the first phase began in 1976. While the details remain secret tunnel system the White House for the White House, some specialized agencies and the military.
Emergency operating center of the President (PEOC)

The Bush administration last meeting in PEOC 09/11/2001
Emergency operating center of the President (PEOC) beneath ground floor 6, the lower east wing. PEOC is said to be anti-nuclear bunker, fully equipped with communication devices for president in an emergency. Road to PEOC only one entrance, an elevator that is carefully protected, located next door to a variety of roof types are associated with the access control system biometric.
On 09/11/2001, President Bush met with National Security Council at the PEOC. The photos on this secret location was first announced this special meeting. Although the specific details of this bunker is confidential, but it is resistant to a direct nuclear strike.
Corridor secret

The White House has a series of tunnels though the exact number is kept secret. However, the corridor is the most famous underground corridors and rooms leading to PEOC senior commanders nearby. Division commander level is where Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice and others to direct the government's campaign on 11/09/2001.
Revealing system of tunnels beneath the White HouseWhile Hollywood and many conspiracy theorists believe that a series of underground corridors, including the mythical tunnel leading to the Capitol and Camp David, you still have at least a hidden corridor at the White House has been more said.

A 45.7 m long tunnel from a hidden door in the oval office will lead to the basement housing the east wing president in the White House. Secret passageway was built during President Ronal Reagan took office, it is considered a way to protect the president in case of terrorist attack.
Plans to expand the tunnel system

In 2007, President Bush signed National Security directives of President No. 51, which, in the case of national emergency will apply this instruction to geographically dispersed leaders, employees and the infrastructure to increase the viability and maintain the operations of government. Agency emergency management federal (FEMA) is charged with developing a comprehensive enforcement system.
In emergencies, the White House authorized to operate in the shadow government and martial law to ensure the safe control of the population is scared and confused.

Inclusions contained in the plan is 98 pages thick is the strategy of FEMA evacuation and relocation of each federal agency, including the White House and the military to respond to a catastrophic event occur in the region the capital. Each agency must have a plan ready to continue operations.
To meet the above conditions, the tunnel system the White House should be extended south through the Pentagon to Mount Weather, to the west and CIA headquarters to go through the cave area in West Virginia, and north the Camp David to Raven Rock mountain populations in Pennsylvania. The bunkers are safe and will be built in many points along the tunnel. Time to complete this ambitious plan was kept secret.


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