Friday, October 21, 2011

Dozens beast living in the U.S. housingBefore the suicide, the owner of a private zoo cages were opened for dozens of tigers, lions, wolves, bears ... freedom of the road in a small town in Ohio, making people very worried sedimentation. Residents in the town of Zanesville, Ohio was warned by the authorities out of the house limit, the school was forced to close because so many adults live animal data from the private farm animals are going to Muskingum where it around town. Police said the farm owner Terry Thompson took the initiative to open all the cages captive animals before killing himself. Determination Thompson are discovered on the farm. Identification of animals killed by police. Sheriff Matt Lutz said, the animals were released were "mature, large and aggressive." "These are wild animals that you can see in the animal programs in Africa on TV. Fortunately, the animals are fed on Monday so no ability to attack people they will be less, "the police chief to reassure Lutz. Meanwhile, armed police were ordered to hunt and catch whatever dead animals that live barn finds. With relentless efforts, they have lowered the 48 children, including 18 tigers, two grizzly bears and 17 lions. Six other lucky animals are still alive and being treated at the Columbus Zoo. Police forced to hunt in the forests along the town to find the animals were living. As of Wednesday afternoon (19/10) local time, police are still trying to hunt a wolf and a monkey was alive. Defeat is not the priority measures, but the gun anesthetics can not lower the beast, they were forced to shoot dead animals to avoid danger to people. The farm owner has just been released from prison last month after the expiration of one year for using illegal weapons. Earlier, a live lion also from this farm in 2006, which alarmed neighbors.


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