Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NTC officials said the body was ousted leader Moammar Gaddafi will be buried at the end of today at a secret location in the desert, after 5 days refrigerated in a market in Misrata.

The body of the leader Gaddafi, son Mutassim and former Defense Minister Abu Baker Yunis be placed in a cold store of a butcher shop in the city of Misrata to the public in view. The reason the leader Gaddafi's body not be buried immediately convinced by what is surrounding the death of a man 42 years of Libyan leader. His family Gaddafi urged the United Nations and Amnesty International to impact the new leader of Libya to his body "is returned to the family and buried according to Muslim rites."

The bodies leader Gaddafi and his son will be buried today.
Gaddafi will be buried this afternoon in the desert
However, CNN 's statement published Anees al-Sharif, the military spokesman said Libya, Gaddafi's body leaders are likely to be buried at the end of today. Earlier, the NTC chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil said, an independent research group that was developed to discuss how to handle the bodies leader was overthrown.
Meanwhile, the NTC and the United Nations has called for an independent investigation of the death of ousted leader Moammar Gaddafi. The report is organized according to Human Rights Watch released on Monday said Gaddafi and his son Mutassim death "unexplained".
Declaration by telephone, an NTC official told Reuters : "Mr Gaddafi's body will be buried in a simple grave in the desert somewhere, in the presence of the chiefs of tribes in Libya". The reason for the burial was conducted immediately by fast decaying corpses and "unable to any longer."
Accordingly, the NTC was "unable to reach an agreement to return the bodies leader Gaddafi for his tribe." The body of his son will also be conducted Mutassim buried with his father in that ceremony. We do not know any members of the Gaddafi family are to attend or not.


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