Friday, October 21, 2011

Unprecedented violence in Greece
100,000 people took to the road, surrounded by the Greek parliament building to protest proposed new laws to severely affect the lives of most people.

Marches of tens of thousands of people in the capital Athens suddenly turned violent when police fired tear gas at young people in response to action threw petrol bombs and stones at the riot forces. A large amount of police were mobilized to prevent the protesters step up step stairs leading to the Parliament building.
As night falls, the two main Syntagma Square and Monastiraki in the fire and smoke billowing flooded with tear gas grenades tearing sound in the night wind. Everywhere are pictures police chase protesters dressed in black extremists.

Clashes between riot police and protesters.

Many protesters were equipped with oxygen masks and goggles to swim in case the police dispersed with tear gas grenades, and prepare the backpack full of rocks openly attacked police.
Clashes coincided with the strike lasted 48 hours by the two country's largest union at the time of launching the new bill to seriously affect their lives are going through.
Accordingly, if this bill is approved, the living conditions of all classes of the Greek people, including elderly and children will decline seriously. These policies raise taxes, cut jobs repeated opinion that this country is like a charcoal stove.
Most protesters were openly critical of violence overshadowed the significance of protests legitimate. However, despite calls for "unity" government, the protesters are still promoting a strike, by the profound disagreement with the authorities. "About the rich, those who evade taxes and the 300 people sitting and discussed in Parliament there are those who actually are responsible for this crisis," one protester spoke.


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