Thursday, October 27, 2011

U.S. experts have completed removing the B53 nuclear bomb giant is known as the "nuclear monster", after the payroll in the U.S. military for nearly half a century ago.

According to numbers from the manufacturer, the "beast" B53 has reached nine-megaton explosive force, roughly 600 times stronger than bombs destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945. B53 was built in 1962 during the Cold War reached its peak. The size of a small truck, B53 is carried by strategic bombers to B52 regardless of its location on the globe.
U.S. death 'nuclear monster' B53
"Monsters nuclear" B53.

B53 is a thermonuclear bomb capable of creating a huge explosion of hydrogen. It is designed to the purpose of destroying the underground bunker deep underground enemy.
Richard Rhodes, senior nuclear historical records that: "Monster is the most accurate word to say about B53. It can create a huge fireball with a diameter up to several miles. " Meanwhile, Mr Greg Cunningham worked at Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas, under the Department of Nuclear Safety National (NNSA) said: "Obviously this is a great weapon we have. It's too big. " A ceremony marking the moment B53 totally disabled was held at the Pantex plant.
As a weapon of "antiques", most experts have created B53 death or old age, so removing the bomb faced many difficulties. However, experts have done ahead of time.
The amount of uranium from bombs will be sent to the archive of the Department of Energy Oak Ridge in Tennessee USA. Live nuclear expert Michael said: "The U.S. military will not lose any ability to fight with the departure of any 'monster' B53 '.


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