Friday, October 21, 2011

Siri feature does not work, poor quality screen, low battery than the iPhone 4 is the most common questions users after experiencing iPhone 4S.

Users complained about the quality of the iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S being questioned major quality problems.
Despite the extremely impressive sales (4 million units sold after three days on the shelf) but in the last few days, the comments complained about the quality of the new iPhone emerging on a thick density characteristics on forums and social networks.
Siri error
Most of the reviews complaining about the iPhone 4S is "the cool light" of the voice recognition feature Siri - features are most attractive for the iPhone 4S. The most common is to ask questions, users receive a message saying "unable to connect to the web page request."
In addition, these incidents also frequently occurs when users ask Siri information about maps, traffic, weather etc. .. particularly users outside U.S. territory. In addition, voice recognition capabilities of Siri is also quite poor with the English people are not really standard. That may be why Siri on the iPhone 4S is still a beta. Therefore, the problems in the operation process is inevitable.


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