Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rates are nearly 30 million of the iPhone 4S in Vietnam that many people may startle, but still lags behind the rate of $ 2,200 (more than 45 million) in China.

iPhone price 4S 'sky' in China
As predicted by experts, although little more frustrating to users, but iPhone still on the road 4S set up the new record. Four million were sold in just the first three days on the shelf, whereas, to achieve this figure, iPhone 4 it took 3 weeks. But not so the iPhone craze 4S stopped, especially in markets where the new iPhone have not arrived as Hong Kong and China.
Apple has not officially announced the launch iPhone 4S in Hong Kong and China, which is the reason for the iFan here can not wait any longer to own a new Apple smartphone. In Hong Kong, a 16 GB iPhone 4S in the black market for sale for around $ 1,350 (double the price in the U.S.) and to be transported to China, this price also team up to 2200 to 2300 USD.
iPhone price 4S 'sky' in China
Mr Lo - who is considered the king of the black market in Hong Kong.
Topping the line "import" iPhone 4S large is his Lo - who was dubbed the "king of the black market" in Hong Kong. He said he has received about 200 orders 4S iPhone before it's officially on the shelf and all the goods which he has mostly imported from USA, Australia and Britain.
iPhone price 4S 'sky' in China
The price of the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong are listed.
These consumers have placed before him about 130 USD for each iPhone 4S and if they are not happy with the price he offers, they can get back the amount set. He said, among these orders, 80% were from mainland China, the remaining 20% ​​are customers from Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and Thailand. In addition, he also has two special guests, who paid 110. 570 USD for the 82 iPhone 4S is another man enter the 53 proposed units.
iPhone price 4S 'sky' in China
The first batch of iPhone 4S is imported by road "portable" in Hong Kong.
When asked about why these people are willing to spend so much money to buy the iPhone 4S, he said: "Some rich people and money to them is not a problem, while others purchased for resale in their local to make a profit. "
iPhone price 4S 'sky' in China
A "hotel sop" Mr Lo's happy with the iPhone shipments 53 4S. He said he will use it as a gift.
To obtain a large number of such products for the "king" of the "bosses" black market in Hong Kong often have to arrange a network of "trigger" very large, on duty at the Apple Store shop 4S in countries where iPhone is sold to buy the product. A 4S buying iPhone in San Francisco said: "I saw a large number of Asians standing in groups of 3-5 people from outside the store. I can confirm that the Chinese people. However, they do not look like the iPhone users. "
Mr. Lo also said: "If the black market in Hong Kong to 100 iPhones, which means black market 1000 China needs the iPhone." With bouts of "fever" iPhone is going on in Hong Kong and mainland China, many people wonder why Apple did not choose these countries is the first place to sell their new products.
iPhone price 4S 'sky' in China
The Chinese dominate the long sotrong at a store in San Francisco Apple Store (U.S.).
iPhone price 4S 'sky' in China
Local people said they did not look like the iPhone users.


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