Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Highway closed for 20 million bee colony collapse
A highway in Utah, United States temporarily closed after a truck carrying at least 20 million bees and bees crashed out.

The bees are being transported from Adee Honey Farm in South Dakota to California, to prepare pollinate almond crops next spring. The truck crashed in a convoy of 160 used to transport bees.
Highway was closed several hours on Sunday (23/10), while the local beekeepers to work all night to catch them. The road was open again yesterday morning, but officials warn the driver should close the back door area.
Highway closed for 20 million bee colony collapse

"List the driver takes driver, making the car hit the concrete barrier and rolled on the road. We then see the bees flying everywhere, "said a police patrol highways in Utah said. The driver Louis Holst and wife Tammie pulled out the truck overturned, but the bees were taken down the bu.
"They broke into and burned in the upper and lower neck my wife," Mr. Holst told the AP . Holst said he also found a dozen burned and suffered a wound on his forehead. His wife appears multiple bruises on the body. In addition, two police officers to help patrol also burned.
Richard Adee, whose Adee Honey Farm, said the bee truck valued at nearly $ 116,000, and he almost lost this money. Today, the 460 residents of the hive in the car had disappeared or died.
"We try our best to transfer bees from the area of the city. If you live to hand now, they will become mad house bees have been destroyed, "Melvin Taylor beekeepers told Reuters .


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