Friday, January 27, 2012

Perhaps Japan is the mecca of the ageless woman. If there has been her 43-year-old Masako Mizutani 18 beautiful girls, they now have a young mother as teenage girls.

The 22 year old but the body and face tiny young shoots, young mothers this audience is extremely surprising because everyone thought she was a young adolescent girls.
Appears in a Japanese entertainment, women younger than age "dozens of times" has made everyone stunned because I could not believe that a girl that look no different from teenagers girls that was the mother of a 1-year-old girl.
She is 22 years old this year, though still young, but age is probably due to the small appearance with a height of 1m42 with young shoots face "too far" made her look not unlike her sister's children when two people in side by side.
The audience has seen a television program which involved both girls exclaimed, "I believe it not?", "Real joke is that?", "Girls she does not so level 2 ? ". There is also a bit of overstatement given not believe that this girl was 22 years old and that she stepped out of character in the comic Conan for taking a particular drug in children turn adult.


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