Monday, January 30, 2012

The Italian authorities yesterday (29 / 1) said, would take 10 months to salvage boat capsized off the coast of this country today 13 / 1 last, in the context of the rescue is to halt because of rough seas.

Costa Concordia shipwreck.
According to the AP , officials have suspended operations move 500,000 gallons of fuel and find missing persons, after seeing the ship Costa Concordia moved 4cm in 6 hours, and more than 1m high waves also make the situation more difficult.
According to Riccardo Fanti faculty of the University of Florence, the ship's movement can be caused by its weight and causes it to slide deeper into the seabed. He also does not exclude the possibility that the ship will slide slowly into the seabed.
No. 17 The body, identified as Soria Molina, a sailor who Peru, was found last Saturday. 16 crew and other passengers are still missing. In addition, a test can be found from the ship but not yet determined the identity.
Officials virtually eliminates the ability to find the survivors, after more than two weeks when the ship Costa Concordia crashing into the reef on 13 / 1. The accident occurred when the captain steering the ship go order with the schedule and caused a large tear, as it sank. More than 4,200 people on board the ship when it crashed.
"Our first goal is to find people alive. Now we only have a single target is large and prevent environmental disaster ", Franco Gabrielli, a local official said.
Gabrielli noted that the body of a man was picked up but have not been identified, despite the authorities attempted to collect DNA samples of all missing persons. Meanwhile, the company operating the ship Costa said they were very strict management and prevent the presence of any passengers on board have not yet registered
The experts will take 28 days to transfer fuel from the tank 15, or more than 80% of fuel on the deck. Further work is in the engine room, with nearly 350 cubic meters of diesel oil, fuel and other lubricants. Only when fuels are depleting can start moving the shipwreck. Costa The company has started bidding for the job of salvaging the ship and this process will last two months.
According to Gabrielli, the relocation of the ship really will last from 7 to 10 months, meaning stays shipwreck off the coast of Giglio island during the summer.
Giglio people have sent a petition to require officials to provide information on the rescue ship in the next tourist season. At this time, authorities have banned private boats moved into the port and all manner vessels to ship at least 1.6 km turn. This affects only one out into the harbor at Giglio with fishermen, divers and private boat owners.


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