Monday, January 30, 2012

The images of the ancient Chinese labor is the Western photographer to capture and retain the material has become valuable not only for this country.

These photos were taken back by nearly a hundred years ago even had the audience know the moment the old land of ancient China. Most of them are portraits of working class poverty in China.
Picture a man with goiter were taken from those in 1920.
The old woman herbal for the years of famine raging in China.
The picture was taken circa 1911-1913 in Fujian
Blind busking.
The old woman begging to be shot in Beijing in 1920.
Women in rural China.
Children cameleers in Beijing in 1920.
People with leprosy were social rejection.
Blind in Beijing in 1919.
This photo was taken in 1928.
The old man distributed the move in 1930.
The ferryman in 1922.
Life and bowls.
Roadside fortune teller.
The old man selling candy rong
The man selling garlic.
Two children in Beijing are going hungry.
Yangjiang leprosy village.
Traditional peasant family in Manchuria in 1929.
Martial for money forever.


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