Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The broad sample design such as sweaters or dress shirts falling off the bosses ass girlfriend loves the cold weather.

Let's find out with a baggy sweater so we should wear and how to coordinate chart pretty mild.
 The first is you can use a belt (to the best band) to show slim waist, and also reduce the level of bulky clothing
With both long and wide-shirt designs like this, you can mix together a map hung tight jeans. If colder weather, you can replace the pants with high boots and long socks to thigh
 If your sweater dark, let's combine it with light colored pants.Here's a tip shape religious work, help you "cheat" in height
Or you can also mix sweater with a leg drop off bundles and short skirt
Finally, with a long sweater, you just wear the same clothes all, and inside wearing a shirt with the neck (as long as the color harmony).Distribution map of this type but nice and simple personality


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