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Marriage is the most significant in the life of each person. Today, the custom of marriage seems to be simpler than before, but in some parts of the world remains quite complex practices.

However, it shows the different cultures of each country. Here are the strange marriage customs in the world:
1. Given relative to 20 men before marrying in Tibet
The bride's wedding dress Tibet
The concept Tibet, taking virgins as wife is not good. If detected, the couple will be expelled from the village.
Tibetans believe that a woman while she admired still more men to the eye, and any girl who must have experience in 'sex' before getting married. This requires girls having sex with 20 men to get experience before going home husband. This custom was very difficult in such conditions at the Tibet region, then offering itself for 20 men is not easy.
2. Feet, hands and teeth of the bride are dyed black in Mali
In Mali, black symbolizes perfection. So the wedding, the bride is often applied to black limbs and teeth to her more beautiful. Women in this region often use the leaves and flowers to develop the water is black and then clear up the hands and feet.
Before staining the teeth black, the bride to the tooth needles used for bleeding, then remove to bleeding. This means the bride can be heart volunteer since her husband died. After completing the blackened feet, hands and teeth, the bride carried bath, spray perfume and wear the most beautiful formal dress, veil and team waiting to welcome the groom.
In particular, in celebration of Mali bride, in the evening when organizing the wedding, the groom will plan with you to break away steal the bride, the bride wore a screaming and crying is not dropped. Accordingly, a friend of the groom carrying the bride will run toward the groom.
3. She should try to "attractive" customers come as far in India
In northern Kamchatka (Russian Far East), the husband wants his wife proved to be very attractive in front of guests. Even if your wife with our baby, the whole village celebrates.
By the Kamchatka said that children born by the closely related do not live here. Thus, children with accidental visitors from other places is a blessing for a newly born child.
4. Reception by 'sex' in tribal Arunt, Australia
In tribal Arunt, Australia, people usually consider sharing with others as a wife respect each other. But the man himself shared to really like the woman. If customers refused, the husband is considered to show no respect for you and your family.
5. The bride as dirty as possible in Scotland
The concept Scotland, on the bride as dirty as possible. So, before welcoming the bride to her husband, the grooms family will throw food scraps, wheat or smell something that is on the bride. Although previous, friends and relatives of her people threw all kinds of repair corrupted, rotten eggs ... to the bride.
Then the bride will have to be smeared over the street parade for all to see.
6. Practices prohibited bathing in Malaysia
Couples about to marry in Tidon, Malaysia, will not be allowed to shower or toilet during the 72 hours before the wedding. They will be deprived of food and drink some water. Family members who would stand watch bride - the groom.
Then, if a couple is still normal, healthy proven they can overcome all difficulties in life. Tidon people believe that this tradition will make lasting marriage, happiness and fulfillment.
7. Brides have bitten off necklace groom rescued in Greece
In Greece, a wedding will begin with the bride and groom must embrace teeth biting into gear necklaces are made to "rescue" the groom. Then the groom takes his bride home. Before that, the door was the groom intense honey and other adhesives. Before entering the house, the bride will have to throw a grenade into this door. If the cube stick to the door, it is regarded as omens that the young couple will have a son.
8. The boys bow before the bride in Nigeria
In Nigeria, the wedding, the groom and his friends would have to kneel before the bride.
9. Custom of bride dresses torn in Italy.
According to ancient custom, the guests will try to tear the clothes of the bride to get a lot of luck. However, this has been adjusted to more polite that is tearing the veil of the bride instead of torn clothing. During the wedding, the bride and groom together to break a vase or bottle, then count the number of pieces, each piece represents a happy greeting.


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