Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Komodo dragons are honored to welcome the New Year Festive Ren Jin in Sydney (Australia), is the largest lizard on earth, a "predator" formidable.

Komodo Dragons are called dragons because to own a pair of tongue splitting characteristic of the legendary beast. The interesting behavior and valor of this species that it deserves that name.
As the largest lizards on Earth, an adult Komodo dragons weigh about 70 kg and 3 m long. With massive bodies with sharp claws, strong jaw, throat flexible Komodo dragon is really a "predator" formidable. It can eat any species, pigs, deer, water buffalo to come and even people.
Maybe that's why Komodo dragons dominate the entire region inhabited by it.
Komodo Dragon is renowned for valor and the interesting behavior
Moreover, Komodo dragons also use predatory tactics are clever, intelligent and extremely patient. It is often camouflaged to hide in the high grass near their prey. When the time comes, Komodo dragons quickly grabbed the animal pity by the sharp claws and bites its prey.
Whether escape the clutches of Komodo dragons, the prey was injured at that time. Komodo dragon saliva contains large amounts of toxic bacteria, possibly poisoned bait within 24 hours.
Komodo Dragon patient followed for miles immediately until the prey dies. It's not for the war effort to survive the wait but I know smell use his tongue to navigate to where meals were prepared - the body of their prey.
 "Star" of the New Year festival outside Ren's largest Asian Dragon
During the inaugural festivities to welcome the New Year in Sydney, giant Komodo dragon named Tuka's Taronga Zoo was honored to be mentioned in the speech of the Mayor, Ms Clover Moore. Tuka "immigrants" in Australia in 1991. This dragon was 30 years old, 2.7 m long and weighs 78kg.
Tuka, Komodo dragons are 30 years old "star" of the festival to welcome the New Year in Sydney Dragon Ren (Australia)
Ms. Moore said in Thin was the opportunity to raise awareness of people about Komodo dragons, one of the animals are threatened with extinction. "This year is a great opportunity for people to know the dragon's Taronga Zoo. All of them are under a great pressure from the natural world. "
Sydney Festival is welcoming the New Year festivities Ren Jin held the largest outside Asia. In three weeks, will have about 80 cultural and art events are held, with the participation of 3,000 artists. "This is the anniversary for communities in Asia, China, Korea and Vietnam of us," said Mayor of Sydney.
As the animals particular attention during the festival, organizers Tuka was located in an outdoor exhibition area with heated stones. While welcoming the New Year festival, Taronga Zoo will hold more talks about the Komodo dragon by experts chaired animals.


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