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Want to become a nude model on the table, the young women in Japan have kept the word process and to blood group A patient with enough training.

Strict criteria
"Model nude table" is considered a "geisha in a restaurant" Japan. They are beautiful and virgin body super-standard. Men Made consistent evidence for that, just enough pure virgin soul and body. It is the most important factors stimulating the taste of the customers.
"Model nude table" must also have a beautiful face, smooth chestnut skin, little body hair, body image is not too fat or too thin, exuding charm, lovely. Blood samples nude best of a group A. The Japanese concept, the blood is usually more moderate patience. It's essential characteristics and suitable for this job. Regulations that led many young women or B blood group O angry because no standards. 
Hardships practice 
Before officially becoming a model, the girls must undergo rigorous training, according to traditional methods.It set up six eggs organ model, after four hours lay eggs still in place intended. 
During lay motionless, cold water will drip onto the body model. Although unfamiliarity with the "beginner lessons", the girls still have to keep the spirit of steel to overcome. Just dropped an egg, they have to start over. The practice was like a harsh penalty is not called. Through this exercise, the model will be extremely tired, stiff body as being covered in a thick layer of plaster. 
Experience living 
After the training period of suffering, the official professional nude model. Before the banquet, they must undergo careful cleaning body for 90 minutes. The more severe form of warm water, then rub the sponge filled with soap does not smell up the whole body. After that, the girls used small bags containing wheat bran thoroughly cleaned to remove the skin layer of dead cells.
Then they soak and then use hot water to remove fibers melon clean again, and finally cold water to shower.This is the sophisticated and very important, it helps the model is not sweating while food cooks garnish.Fundamental principles of the process on a nude model to give up all milk bath, scented soap or perfume, as they will dominate the aroma of food, especially the cover of the natural scent Can young women. 
This stage is complete when the nude model with actual job experience. Based on the shape of each dish, the chef will garnish food in different parts of the body model, helping customers easily select. Those who enjoy these services often are naturally curious, want to explore something new and interesting. A restaurant owner in Kytoto she said: "Model nude table is a combination of delicious food, beautiful people and beautiful scenery." 
Upon presentation of food, the sample is not moving. The girls must be in the middle of the room and fixed positions. The whole body is like a white porcelain plate, loose hair was tossed up on the fan, the more flowers on the container. The sensitive parts of the model is decorated with leaves or flowers. Part breasts usually put butter cream cake decorated with flowers, looked like she was wearing a beautiful cardigan. Art garnish sushi on nude models are much appreciated in scientific research and that sushi works magic with the human body, such as marlin sushi placed on the chest will be very beneficial for digestion. To ensure the elements of art, skillful chefs to garnish and decorate, keep the body form is covered by this dish so much. 
Usually supine nude form, convenient for garnish and enjoy your guests. But there are also cases, the girls lying on his stomach, mostly for gratifications of the "God" in the party. 
Bitter fate model 
Each time you use this service, customers must spend 15,000 yen (more than 4 million). That's pretty generous amount that the restaurant owner bumper because the girls are willing to sacrifice for art. 
Many Japanese businessmen preferred feasting with the participation of nude modeling. Meanwhile, long-range theater located 10 girls on the floor or on the table to form trays luxury, exuding the wealth of the merchant. When the parties involved have nude models, customers often feel excited. There are those who will not immediately pick up food, but also comment on the statistical model. Even some diners enjoy the beauty that so busy eating drop soup, drinks on the face, the body model. It makes it hard to accept that some guests when drunk usually let profanity or vomiting up nude model, that the girls were so scared.However, they still must comply with the golden rule in the profession, that is submissive clients in all cases. 
Do not lay motionless in a posture, the muscles are tight, nude model extremely tired. After the brutal party, they had to clean the body again to shake out sushi fishy smell from fish cakes or flat spots on the body ... They use lemon juice and salt to bath. 
For numerous reasons that this profession is gradually eroded, now only exists in the upscale restaurant or a large resort of Tokyo, Kyoto ... A series of activities organized by the women was conducted, which calls for equal treatment by society with weak parties and eliminate secondary profession. Opponents of the "nude model table" that this work makes women's dignity buried stamping.


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