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Reached 25, Mai Phuong Thuy Vo Hoang Yen, Huynh Bich Phuong ... are at the age of the most brilliant and lovely life. Certainly in Thin-year-old Ren, they will explode in many ways.

Mai Phuong Thuy

Mai Phuong Thuy and starred opposite her boyfriend to a party.
Becoming Miss Vietnam in 2006, her former life of Phan Dinh Phung girls seem to turn into a completely different way. At a height of 182cm and a tricyclic measurements 86-65-95, Mai Phuong Thuy height record in the history of contestants from the Miss Vietnam 2010 and before.
Since the coronation, Mai Phuong Thuy has participated in many charitable activities. Only in two years in charge, the amount of volunteer work she was already up to nearly 10 billion. However, long legs have also caught many big noisy and small. The first would include images of sexy costumes bi-ki-ni heated continuously released along with her plan to capture the beauty of the nude photos to explain the purpose of charity. The public not only to condemn her for charity mode ... odd, but also constantly talking about the next one too "terrorist" by Mai Phuong Thuy. However, she claimed to not drag the knife hit.
Mai Phuong Thuy also tried in the movie industry with a unique role in the drama say on the subject of HIV / AIDS is Negative.
Currently, she is dating a gentleman with elegant, nostalgic of Singapore but a lot more than her age.However, Mai Phuong Thuy is a formal recognition of their romance.
Huynh Bich Phuong

Huynh Bich Phuong with her mother to attend an event.
Soon after appearing at the Miss World Vietnamese ( HHTGNV), Huynh Bich Phuong became the focus of musical beauty as incense Lam Truong Son. Although not reaching titles of Miss Vietnam 2010 but the beautiful Phuong Huynh Bich still leave an unforgettable mark on the audience, thanks very oriental beauty, gentle and loving this.
Huynh Bich Phuong also scored in the heart of the public by fashionable style and subtle elegance. Whether appeared in any event, she also appeared with the perfect look, from hair to makeup and costumes. Huynh Bich Phuong is one of the rare beauties do not have any problems since the scandal that reputation.
Besides, few people know that the capital Bich Phuong Huynh was born into a prestigious family. Her mother is the director of a major real estate company. But her father is a professor of mathematics Huynh Ba Lan, is the chairman board of Accounting and Finance University City and is also a bank board member names.
Recently, she was pretty quiet and less appearance at the event entertainment. Perhaps Bich Phuong Huynh is quietly preparing a plan for another boom.
My Hoang

The full name is Vu Thi Hoang My, first runner of the competition in 2010 Miss Vietnam fortunate to be selected as a representative of Vietnam to attend Miss Universe 2011 held in Brazil. Currently, Dong Nai is the original girl was a student of RMIT University City. At a height of 1m72, Hoang My own measurements of three round well balanced and perfect: 86-62-89.
Recently entered Miss, beauty is not how long, Hoang My face was quite unfortunate scandal just before the road to Sao Paulo Miss Universe contest. Old crew do not hesitate to report bad days, "elements" her runner ungrateful to those who worked for her success in beauty contest in the country. However, with confidence and fiery beauty, Hoang My still fulfill their duties on the international scene. Although not win any, but she also left a good impression of Vietnam in our international friends.
Vo Hoang Yen

Do not stop at the Gold Award Supermodel 2008 , same year, Vo Hoang Yen was crowned first runner contest Miss Universe Vietnam . A year later, she was chosen to represent the contest for Miss Universe 2009.
In 2007, she also tried at the Saigon into the movie industry with movie Acapella . So far, this is still the only role of Vo Hoang Yen, however, she promises to continue to try in the plastic film in 2012 in this. In addition to the show on the catwalk, Hoang Yen was a very gracious host and active language. Property ideal height - 178 cm and her two sisters have also been very successful on the catwalk, Hoang Yen said many times: "I'm never satisfied with what you have. I was always like increasingly trying to look better and better in the eyes of the people, not only in stature, his face but also in communication style. "
Currently, Ms. Yen is a beautiful affair lasted five years with a man she claims is not extended. Love Story's long legs are not flashy but it's nice and lasting to the many experts as a rarity of the modeling. When referring to her boyfriend, she does not share much, but just gently said: "No one said before, but Yen felt their love stronger. He's Nest is a less talk, but always understanding, sympathy inside the nest and when needed most. "
Ngoc Quyen

Girl with long names ngoang - Huynh Khuong Ngoc Quyen entered modeling at age 16. Youth and beauty that she sees many advantages in getting a foothold in the industry and that is only two years, she became a cult name in the model village. Ngoc Quyen own height 1m73, and gravitational measurements: 85-60-90. As one long-legged juggernaut expensive fashion show today but few people know that once upon a time Ngoc Quyen and interest from Hoc Mon to Saigon to work to earn money to help the family.
In 2011, Ngoc Quyen became the name bandied about on several pages coil after nude photography to environmental protection. The beauty of her love with a Korean guy is also the subject are more people interested. Unfortunately, recently, Ngoc Quyen share the love has ended because of disagreements can not be explained. This is not the first love of this beautiful long legs. Before that, she had to share about being a young fool in love and money when the new spring reached 20 years of age.


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