Monday, January 30, 2012

Just have a significant role as Tet Hoa Xuan her in "Heavenly destiny hero" was praised, Midu also have New Year's Day a happy family.

Girls born in 1989 are themselves not in the morning and blow something like appearance is seen. Behind the face of "non choet" hearts that it's a sentimental grief, or ease suffering and mental thinking, talking smart, sharp. According to her, his face is one of the restrictions that she not chosen to play deep, introspective.Coming Midu will change his image and richer diversity.
Last year was a successful year of Midu. After her role she Parody , Midu though getting more acting offers, but she refused to focus on business education and fashion shops. Late in 2011 she accepted the lead role in Heavenly destiny hero - a role for hotgirl is too much with a horizontal arm, but his efforts were recognized her. "For me, the more difficult, as too much for me even more challenging. I like to do anything other than his ability. I do not like things too easy and within reach "- Midu said of the role are deemed" too big shirt "with her.
"I was not surprised when the film Heavenly destiny hero received. This is a rather strange format film in the series New Year this year and will attract an audience. Moreover, since the film has not received the release of communications received. With the efforts of the crew, I felt happy and pleased that the film enjoyed. I also received many compliments. The good response from the audience after the movie as made ​​me more confident with the next character. I had just had a meaningful New Year, with much joy and happiness with the family. All five busy these days I spend time with their parents. I feel happy because of what you are there "- Midu share.
When asked recently Midu regularly appears with sexy pictures, sexy , if this is the picture which she pursued in the future, she replied: "I'm smart and alert enough to know where with images. I never build their image or style sexy sexy sexy because I know not with me at all. I'm in the best ages, so we will leave all who experience the beauty of their true age. I wear sexy is very bad. "
After busy days with God destined hero, Midu also taking a drama, she continued to assume a role as a flower name Hyacinth. This is a fascinating person ever since she read the script. Hyacinth deep interior, but also personality. Coming Midu want to try the role as big, mature, older even than her age.
Midu given to readers new images spring cherry blossom party:



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