Friday, January 27, 2012

The bright colors, the colors stand out as the favorite choice khi girls down the street dressed in the spring

Red is always the first choice of the girls in the spring, the red color gives a warm feeling to walk around and stand spring
The short skirt is simple yet Feels comfortable to walk around pen is no less striking.theo Folklore, the color red is good luck girls of should be more choice in the beginning of the year.
Tone bracelet ton-sur-ton as a focus for the costumes help you stand out more
 The striped Miniskirt caro light has shown moderate religious tenderness attractive body lines, if you combine more belt out a 
 Simply Caro or striped with black and white just luxury, just show your personality girl down the street When Spring
Golden tones as well as the choice of the girls prefer the soft and feminine. With the bustling atmosphere and colorful spring day, the light yellow dress will make it easy to integrate into the crowd pen no less striking
Caro striped dress with purple-white color and bright highlights is a hint to the girls in the spring. With space is brightly colored, made ​​a gesture to his caro-tone purple and white striped dress will help you stand out from the crowd
 Combined with hats and bracelets ton-sur-ton has brought classic may just show the image of a modern young girl

These accessories will help you more confidence and outstanding. 


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