Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One of them may be the version Roadster (convertible) of "bull" Aventador LP700-4, while the car still remains a mystery to believers speed.

Lamborghini has ignored Detroit Auto Show because they did not have a "warm up" too early on the first occasion but Geneva (March) will soon be a different story. Car manufacturer based in Bologna (Italy) will be introducing two new car and one of them will Roadster version of "super cows" Aventador LP 700-4.
The fact that a car company launched a new car is about nothing worth mentioning, but the Lamborghini, four-wheel all believers are thrilled watching their every move, wishing to witness a "super food" new breakthrough.
Therefore, even when information about the Lamborghini will launch a new duo car leaked out, the specialized pages leading car quickly make your own prediction on Monday cars full of secrets hidden there.
TeamSpeed ​​more likely that it will be true portrait of Elemento Sesto million dollar super car concept when it was launched in 2010. Sesto Elemento is "set back" of the Lamborghini Reventon with a limited number of about 20 units and the sale price up to $ 3 million (according to rumors before).
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept.
The second possibility that many people predicted that the Cabrera, alternative version of the current Gallardo supercar. Like many "brothers" of it, Cabrera called a bull famous uncle of Spain and will be equipped with new technologies like the Aventador present as solid chassis with carbon fiber. With that, the vehicle's capacity will be increased to 600 horsepower compared with about 550 horsepower of the previous Gallardo.
Meanwhile, TopSpeed ​​claims that mysterious other car is an SUV that Winkelmann, chairman and CEO did not at once "hinted" before. However, all secrets will be unveiled only when officially opened in Geneva in March next.
SUV's are rumored Lamborghini.


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