Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Royal Navy has unveiled the details of the air defense system be equipped on the ship's movement speed is 3 times faster than the speed of sound.

Ceptor Sea as missiles fired from ships can reach speeds of Mach 3 (1020.87 m / sec) and is capable of protecting an area of ​​land or sea area of ​​1000 square km.
Sea Ceptor supersonic missile fired from warships.
According to initial estimates, Sea Ceptor will be deployed on all kinds of small frigates of the Navy, but in the future, it can be improved to equip the Army and Royal Air Force.
To complete the sophisticated defense system, the British Ministry of Defense funds to invest up to 482 million pounds. In addition, the project lasted for five years will help to solve a large number of jobs for workers in the UK defense industry.
In the future, Sea Ceptor can be fitted to the Army and Air Force.
Mr Peter Luff, a senior official of the Ministry of Defence said: "The development of supersonic missile system is a powerful impulse rocket industry was in the world's top copper UK again demonstrated the commitment to modernize the equipment of our army. "
Meanwhile, the head of the Navy, Admiral Mark Stanhope said: "This new weapon system will be fitted on the smaller destroyers the Navy to deal with threats from other sophisticated missiles can be launched within a few decades. "


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