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 "The aliens' presence in the Amazon forest, glowing orb in the sky of China or the appearance of UFOs in the UK, the U.S. remains a question unanswered.

2 British tourists have captured the video of aliens in the Mamaus, Amazon forest in Brazil. Clip shows a small creature like aliens are standing next to a tree in the Amazon jungle. To the right is a fuzzy spot of light and can be related to the presence of aliens. Video acquired by professional writers write about the mysterious phenomenon known, Michael Cohen. "It's a compelling picture of the existence of aliens. It appeared in the area known for UFO activity. It is clear that the aliens are interested in this area due to the biological diversity, "Michael said. Also, this man said the government sent troops to Brazil to monitor and confirm the presence of aliens in the region.
"The Alien" (left) and the mysterious light (right) appear in the clip.
Clip of "aliens" in the Amazon forest. (Source: YouTube)
On 08/20/2011, many Chinese people saw a giant glowing ball appeared in the sky of Shanghai and Beijing.After discovering this mysterious object in the sky at 9 pm in Shanghai, a pilot reported the incident to the air traffic control agency East China. An official of the agency to verify the information on this and said that no flights are affected. A man who claims to be the pilot and said the unidentified flying object is located at a height of 10.7 meters in the sky of Shanghai. Also according to the man, this object can reach a diameter of at least 92km. About 20 minutes later, the ball began to glow dims and slowly disappear. Meanwhile, people in Beijing have also reported seeing objects in the sky of the capital, at the same time as the scene in Shanghai.
The ball glows in Shanghai (above) and Beijing (below).
UFO caught fire in the sky Mexico
Clip on fire in the sky UFO Mexico.
A mysterious flying object caught fire created two red tail of fire, fell from the sky region Cuernavaca, Mexico on 29/6/2011. Clip is a nickname Kimdragon1 posted on YouTube on 30 / 6. Witnesses said that a bright spherical object was a meteorite hit the ground. Meanwhile, a nickname Slackattack69 share, who also found similar phenomenon at 23h (local time) on 29 / 6 in Greece.
Strange objects appear in China airport
Alien Jiangbei Airport, China.
A strange object appeared in the evening on 17.08.2011 and circled the Jiangbei International Airport - an important airport in southwest China. The appearance of this UFO that require some officials diverted flights to other airports, before the object disappeared about 50 minutes later. Local officials would not comment on this object, but the speculation of some airline employees, which can only light the sky.
Photograph the UFO in China
UFO appears in Yunnan, China.
A man captured a photo of unidentified flying object (UFO) while traveling on the outskirts of Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Yan man they did not notice there anything strange in the sky, until I review the photos taken then. Yan said he to the mountains Motianling to travel with a group of friends on 22/5/2011. "I take two pictures of the landscape there. When I check them at night, I saw three black dots suspended in the Songhua dam in a picture, "Mr. Yan said. As president of the Kunming UFO Research Association, Zhang Yifang, he eliminated the biggest black spot is a kite or a bird when viewed image.
Strange object hovering in the sky Jerusalem
The people of Jerusalem turned the second clip of a glowing orb and hanging over the Dome of the Rock shrine. In the clip, glowing orb slowly dropping down until it stops just above the roof of the temple on the Temple Mount Muslims (Temple Mount) in Jerusalem. Later, unidentified flying object floating temple and shot into the air. The event takes place at 1am on 01/29/2011. However, the clip is then caused a debate online about whether it is real or staged.
 2 clips of strange glowing object in the sky of Jerusalem.
The bodies of "aliens" were found in 1947, according to FBI records. (Photo: DailyMail)
In May 4 / 2011, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) established a new website called The Vaultto introduce the documents record the encounter with UFO over 50 years ago. In the pile of material is removed from the archive, there is a recorded memorandum entitled "UFO" sent to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Edgar Hoover at the time. Memorandum stating the individual has three - a policeman, a traffic patrol and protect the troops - they all witnessed a UFO on the night of 4/4/1949. All three were reported that had seen a "high silver objects and proceed to the mountains in Sardine Canyon.Then it suddenly exploded. " "Some people see two explosions in the air, then the objects hit the ground," the report noted.
UFO appeared on the London sky
 Clip UFO in London.
A resident in the UK has turned the clip more luminous objects, the flying saucer in the sky London. Clip was shot near a building of TV channels BBC Great Portland Street. It shows many strange white object hovering and lurking in the clouds. After a few seconds, an object larger than the disk image appears and disappears again with lightning speed. This clip appeared on YouTube on 24 / 6. The poster said, he took a week to film the strange object. However, this does not explain the light-emitting object is.
UFO in the sky appeared the U.S.
 UFO appears in the U.S..
While the game is watching football stadium at New Orleans on 23/10 through TV, an American who unexpectedly found an unidentified flying object (UFO) is flashed across the sky above the St. Louis. He then rejoined the UFO scene appeared just minutes before the game ends. Clip to see strange objects moving at very fast speeds and move fairly close to the ground. It has a rectangular and a ball mounted on top, around the block a lot of bright light.
 Two strange objects appear in the dust storm in the U.S.
 Clip two strange objects appear in the dust storm in the U.S..
Day 6 / 7, two bright spots appeared strange in catastrophic dust storms in the U.S.. News reporter of CNNfilmed the UFO when dust storms are recorded in the town of Mesa, Arizona, USA. 2 alien flight before the giant wall of dust, then jumped to the top, then disappear. Some said that, two bright spots that could be a helicopter, but this assumption denied by many. They said that helicopters often have flashing lights and color changes, while two alien glow constantly. In addition, the direction of flight and how they move completely unlike aircraft.


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