Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Afghan police yesterday (30 / 1) to order a man wanted for killing his wife after the woman gave birth to her second daughter 3.

 Afghan women still suffer more violence, although the Taliban regime in this country has collapsed.
AFP quoted local police said Storay (30) was beaten to death in Khan Abad district, Kunduz province on Wednesday last week after she gave birth to a baby girl, making her husband a child is hungry angry son.
According to Sarwar Sayed Husaini, police spokesman Kunduz province, they are the father of Storay informed about the incident. Also, there are signs that the woman had been tortured. "Police have arrested her husband Storay involving the incident, but her husband has fled. Police are hunting him, "Husaini said.
Violence and abuse of women continues to be a serious problem in Afghanistan, after a decade of the Taliban regime collapsed in this country. Last month, police found a teenage bride was locked in the bathroom five months at home husband. This woman is her husband's family hit, bite and spit nails were refusing to prostitute.
British charity, Oxfam, said Afghanistan had 87% of women suffered physical violence, mental, sexual or forced marriages.
Independent Human Rights Commission 1026 Afghanistan has been sanctioned violence against women in the quarter II/2011, whereas in 2010 only 2,700 cases were sanctioned.


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