Monday, January 30, 2012

Radiant beauty of the beautiful Fashion TV is reflected by the new image, a beautiful BB Pham gentle and pure in the new year with the city affectionately familiar charm.

BB Pham, also known as BB Minh Thuy was Vietnamese model only works for Fashion TV and have the opportunity to stride down the catwalk in the world. She is pure Vietnamese face, silky black hair and slender body impressive. BB Pham also fortunate to be invited to Hollywood films, she participated in the previous study acting at the Film Theatre and then studied at the International Film Academy in Cebu, Philippines. BB Pham each star in action film Deep Gold , Phuong Ly female lead role in the distance Tears , directed by Michael Gleissner. Return to Vietnam in 2009 she joined the drama Listen tea . Most recently the role of primary BB Pham Binh Christmas letter, red label intimates of King Ly Cong Uan in history Huyen Thien DoTat Binh's director.
BB Pham is to go on between the U.S. and Vietnam to participate in filming, but her main job is as a model.BB Tri Nguyen Pham with Johhny recently attended HuaHin International Film Festival 2012 in Thailand from 26 to 29/01/2012, to promote cooperation and exchange of cinema in Southeast Asia.
Spring 2012, she and her family warm and welcoming festival next plan of BB Pham will walk more steps on the path long-term art.
The same view images Pham BB petal soft with affection:
Pictures made by Stylist Bi Su, costume & hair stylist: Vietnamese Hung and Paris Talk makeup, Director impermanent images.


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