Friday, January 27, 2012

The chopper of "plot" and a few cars with a highlight of the collection of motorcycles is extremely toxic.

Ownership of the chopper long ngoang always dream of believers two wheels.
Model motorcycles "immune" to the customer faint of heart.
Race car, "a yellow ball" of the BMW Cafe in 1985.
"Rebels" of the 80 - Honda bobber.
Body "fat" and a huge cake enough to turn this car into the street king, especially if the pipe of the car is "the" again.
Fire lit in the street.
Add a car absent from Harley Davidson.
Norton Commando with slim design fully drawn.
 Paint orange shiny chrome chopper makes this very good-looking.
 This chopper is equipped with a small cannon on the side throat.
Underground tanks.
 Royal Enfield is the harmonious combination between classic and modern materials.
 Add a car that style "ghost".
 Harley Davidson Sportster.



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