Monday, January 30, 2012

Zenbook Asus, Dell XPS 13 or Samsung Series 9 is the "model" of performance, promises fair competition with Apple's ultraportable.

Asus Zenbook
Zenbook is "the way" for the movement to overthrow the throne ultrabook dominance of Apple MacBook Air. Slim size (4-17mm), solid metal casing with operability and robust stability are the strengths of this ultrabook. Zenbook with prices starting at $ 1,000.
Samsung Series 9 2012
Samsung has created a laptop "The American" - that is reviewed by many experts as the technology section of the market "model" at CES this year. Thinner and lighter (13mm thin and weighs 1.1 kg - 13 inch version), the machine is also equipped with i5 core chip design and a very "smooth". However, this is not a laptop for ordinary users with prices starting at $ 1,400.
Toshiba Portege Z830
The Toshiba ultrabook impressive price only 800 USD, although it still owns a shell magnesium alloy steel and a range of ports. Typical among them is the Ethernet port, allowing users to connect Internet using wireless network - which does not have a ultrabook.
LG Z330
Property looks "vaguely" similar to the MacBook Air, LG Z330 is considered one of the most beautiful ultrabook design ever. Only 14.7 mm thin (average thickness) and weighs 1.21 kg, is equipped with full connectivity and Intel Core i7 processor. HP will launch in March next, price not disclosed.
Dell XPS 13
Different from the rest ultrabook, Dell XPS 13 is said to not take the "path" with designs inspired by the MacBook Air. Equipped with a carbon fiber frame, the screen made of toughened glass Gorilla and will soon be sold at $ 1,000.
HP Envy Spectre
HP's Ultrabook not be appreciated in thin (20mm) but the integrated speakers "of the" Beats Audio and near field communication technology NFC is so popular today (though not applicable to the high). However, the price of a shell ultrabook mirror ball is quite high: $ 1,400. May be sold from 8 / 2.


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