Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not only own small form is quite nice, new electric bikes launched its Voltitude (Switzerland) also can be folded back like a suitcase handy luggage.

Incubated an electric bicycle project "blow-message" from May 7 / 2011 but until now, companies from Switzerland Voltitude officially unveiled the electric car of the same name with a lightweight design and eye-catching. Voltitude length is about 1.08 m base frame and wheels made of aluminum alloy engine also would be placed below the seat and steering wheel looks ascending fun.
In particular, the vehicle is equipped with a technology that helps the user name EasyFold foldable compact car with a button on the steering wheel. Meanwhile, the size of Voltitude only the equivalent of a large suitcase.
When folded, electric bikes Voltitude just like a small suitcase.
Vehicles weighing 21-25 kg was used on Voltitude battery is 9.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, full charge time is 4 hours. With that, the car is also equipped with capacity volume 250W electric motor, power transmission to the rear wheels via a seven-level box. However, this car can only reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h in the range of its activities is 20 to 40 km depending on terrain.
Another disadvantage of electric bikes is the price Voltitude rather "chat" up to $ 5,300. In return it is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes help the driver stop the car a more efficient way compared to the traditional type of brake. Vehicles will be officially sold out from 6 / 2012 with an estimated population of 50 units / week.


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