Monday, January 30, 2012

The whole point of the luxury ship is equipped with a full range of diverse services, from shopping to do good, but the cost that tourists spend is also very expensive.

The Norwegian Breakaway . The vessel can carry 4,000 guests from New York and Bermuda. This yacht will depart in 2013. Cost for 7 calendar days from New York to Bermuda is approximately $ 1,349 / person.
The Carnival Spirit. On this ship casino, spa, theater, and some clubs. This yacht will run from San Diego to the Mexican Riviera. Cost per trip is approximately $ 1,649 / per person.
The Crystal Serenity . On this cruise is the place to play the piano. Its schedule is from Los Angeles to Hawaii, the cost per person is $ 15,490.

The Herbidean Princess. The ship was carrying only 50 passengers around the islands and highlands of Scotland. However, all the furniture in the ship are very luxurious, making passengers feel like this is the boat for them. Price of schedule 7 days for passengers is $ 6,790 / person.
Paul Gauguin Cruises. The schedule of the train, when near to Tahiti, visitors can play games such as diving or playing cards. 7-day itinerary of this cruise is $ 8,727 / person.
Oasis of the Seas . It is used if you compare that to the Eiffel Tower of France on this ship, you can still walk stroll around the tower. The vessel can carry up to about 6,000 visitors, not including the crew and service personnel. The average price a passenger in the 7 day trip from Florida to the Caribbean is $ 9,830.
The Silversea whisper. In this ship is like a city center, with many services such as shopping, cinema, beauty services, spa. The vessel will run from Florida to Brazil in 16 days. The cost per passenger trip is $ 7,720.


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