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Came in 2012, many people in this world are ... half believe half expect to one day "destruction of mankind."

Earth Day is essentially destroyed the head product of imagination.
U no scientific basis? What important. Sometimes that trust is simply the instrument of the masses, the first emotion upon before a strange, apocalyptic thriller ... On 21.12.2012 also in the "belief" that interesting.
Civilization disappeared
Mayan Calendar
From knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, the Mayans make "calendar cycle" (b'ak'tun) and they believed that each cycle is a calendar end world will disappear to make room for a other world. Pursuant to the Maya calendar, we are living in the world Wednesday, and will "take some" on the 13th calendar cycle (indicated on Maya calendar is, ie 21/12/2012.
The Maya also exists in this world? It is a controversial question in scientific circles. Many studies confirm that there is still a Maya community living on the plateau Guatemala (Central America). They also hold many identities, characteristics similar to what the human record of Maya civilization. But can confirm, the Maya "genuine" remain scattered somewhere, but the Maya civilization disappeared long ago, in the 9th century to 10th century. Before perishing, the Maya had brilliant achievements in the development of mankind.
Besides the Andean civilizations, from more than 2000 years ago, the Maya - Aboriginal tribes living in Central America (Southeast Mexico, Guatemala and northern Honduras today) has touched what is considered the essence of astronomy, timing, architecture, mathematics ..., especially state building.Archaeologists determined from the first century AD, the Maya created the ancient nations separately, and then flourished more than 800 years before perishing. The harsh climate, the invasion of the West has put an end to the Maya civilization.
Calendar cycle 13 - end ...
One of the finest of the Mayan civilization that modern society is also recorded achievements in astronomy, mathematics and computing power, the forecast period is very talented. They believe in the natural cycle of time.
Many aspects of Maya civilization is associated with the time period for which they calculated. The teacher is responsible for legal Maya cycle analysis of the relationship between the Earth and the universe and make predictions for the future or the past on the basis of the relative numbers of all their calendars. Regarding religion, the gods of the Maya did not separate as in the opinion of the Greeks. Spirit of the Maya same appearance as they merge into each other on all roads without any restrictions. It is certainly a force to divine faith in the concept of Maya. Features "good" and "bad" is not fixed in the mind of the Maya, not only on the one hand, "good" absolute. Which is not appropriate during a season can make a beginning a new cycle in the Maya concept of belief and not fixed.
Palenque Temple - the remnants of Maya civilization left.
Mathematics, the Maya developed the concept of "number 0" in the year 357, early Europeans nearly 900 years. Ancient documents show that the Maya, in need of work added hundreds of millions and the big day requires accurate way to implement them. Calculation results in astronomy and space in a long time to be extremely accurate map of the movements of the Moon and planets are equal or exceed other civilizations observed universe the naked eye. They also determine the exact length of a year of 365 days, all the time the Earth around the Sun, much more accurate calendar used in Europe at that time (Gregorian calendar).
Or new beginning?
In 1957, and Maya astronomers learn Maud Worcester Makemson (USA) wrote: "The first complete cycle of 13 meaning extremely important for the Maya". In 1966, a study of other Maya, Michael D. Coe, also mentioned in The Maya that destruction will descend suddenly to the "human debauchery" of this world on the last day of the calendar cycle 13. And based on the study of our universe will be destroyed in this in 2012.From the faith in a mysterious civilization along the butt wiggle doctrine of many experts, many people believe, on 21/12/2012 fate, the day will end, darkness covers the Earth. Humans are not destroyed but entered a new period of development, become wiser. Song, end or new beginning is also a nightmare for people living on Earth now, even though there is no scientific basis to prove the "destruction" of this moment.
Many scientists have countered this monstrous belief and claim it is only effects the crowd and formed by the negative impact from the media. Scholars of the Maya, Mark Van Stone said: "There is nothing in any of the prophecies of the Mayan, Aztec or ancient people of Central America that have a sudden or significant changes that occur in modern in 2012. The concept of a "Great Cycle" is about to end entirely the invention of modern man. " In 1990, two scholars of Maya Linda Schele and David Freidel is already concluded, the Maya "never conceived any idea about the end of the world as many have theories." Meanwhile, an expert at the Museum of Latin American art and archeology at Florida (USA) said they did not have any documentation showing that the Maya used to think of a world on the date of termination in 2012.
The modern world in which we live, where information is shared almost instantly, is the most favorable conditions for the "belief" in one day destruction of mankind ... has suddenly become the basis, though do not know how to explain. But the humor in that, many experts in archeology, anthropology has been to use those for the remaining Mayan "original" to validate the doomsday prophecy, the result is exactly the opposite!
Archaeologist Guillermo Bernal of Mexico and the Maya elders Apolinario Chile Pixtun highland Guatemala live on the same claim, "Apocalypse" is the creative product of the Western imagination only! And our species, with wisdom Vietnamese, sometimes a bit like flying. So society as interesting!


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