Friday, January 27, 2012

Vietnamese movies with many years of prosperity were shooting a film project and appeared many new faces actress impressed.

Ninh Duong Ngoc Lan phenomenon
After a few baked in an endless field , Lan Ngoc favored by the media called "jade girl" new Vietnam film acting as well as the bright, happy life back in the picture.
Ngoc Lan's role impress powerful and professional audiences, won a series of major film awards in the country, actress Mai Favorite award gold, actress best solution 2010 Kite ... Recently, her 21-year-old actress won the favorite in the category for foreign films in the festival Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers (China) and actress best film festival The 17th Vietnam. Considered the cinematic phenomenon, Lan Ngoc seen some expensive and also are sent to join the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.
Ngoc Lan many fear will be difficult to break out of the shoulder Nuong too big, but she said: "Vai Nuong is not an end, but it is the perfect starting point for future efforts must be more than Jade more. I'm wanting to be a role that personality, stubborn, even a little rebellious. " In the last year, Lan Ngoc can be played in the filmFather, son and .. . or Break off the air crew's director Phan Dang Di.
Van Trang: Time has come!
She was born in 1990 expressed his confidence: "The way I'm going to go full commission ... but it is also the roses planted by my own hands rather than their own "when talking about the remarkable success of her like gold award actress Mai Favorite TV in 2010 for her role in My TV Lifestyle wrong, either face to Vietnam to attend, won the second prize contest Charming Asean TV, loved his role in the film Bride War, Saigon Yo!and as new as the Bill from the Heavenly Queen's hero par director Victor Vu ...
We can say, five years is having the time of Van Trang when she appeared in many films dense and well known award nominations. With the advantage of adding the appearance of a bright girl was very young, Van Trang is one of the actors are "to make food." With the challenge of cinema, even with no major role, Van Home re-created another suction from the charming character acting, humor. "I'm still waiting for a real character role. That is a role that takes the director said not being able to play immediately is that it takes time to explore, enter the world of the characters. For example, the roles can make a person nervous, Van Trang ...", autism share.
Female new agreement Midu
Bong Sen as the female lead in the TV set 110 hair She Puppet as a turning point in Midu no longer framed picture "hotgirl pretty pretty" but has been broken passport to the next step with many other roles on the street art wander ahead. 
Born in 1989, currently studying in three Midu Architecture University of HCM City. Last time, Midu refused a role to focus on learning. Then, with Midu fortunate she was to be assigned as the female half beautiful Spring Flowers - alongside U.S. personnel Nguyen Vu (Huynh East play) grandson Nguyen Trai, in cinemaHeavenly destiny hero , transformed have used novel blood-mail files of the writer Bui Anh Tan. Midu in the female half Xuan Hoa promote the beauty and delicate mental state is very suitable to wear martial agreements, are predicted to be "new findings" will screen explosion in Vietnam in 2012.


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