Monday, January 30, 2012

The Men of this year she hopes the reunion will be, parents gathered to compensate for years of eating away from home before New Year.

Settle down, not up song
- She is happy with what they have achieved in 2011?
- It is now Ho Quynh Huong is still feeling very happy, still get the message of the audience and the ones Colors often refer to their concerts. Especially this time of The Men are still some you press call as well as praise and encouragement message, to say nothing happier than when the struggle of the people injured Perfume so.
- The sudden disappearance of her in recent times, making the audience believe in her quit. There might actually lose her job to train for that?
- Usually, something too, to know that rest and care as well as preparing more energy for the next project, Huong always want their products to the audience must always be prepared most carefully be.
- Many people said that Ho Quynh Huong has extended support to police department should not need to marry for money hard to sing again?
- Perfume reviews do not know how many people or just someone curious about and that is the opinion of many people? From time to sing out Perfume making money out, then the second song is nothing new to the new Perfume then be assured of their debut. As noted above Huong, who we do not know when to rest and load energy to run long distances and to the singer himself, too, they are just normal people alone. What about extended behind the Huong think people should recognize the singer was singing like, how will the music better than any scrutiny into their private lives.
Saddest thing is that the New Year expatriates
- She has done what the New Year plans?
- In front Huong not eat Tet with their families. All five take place, even when they do not go away from home should also desirable as the Huong's family reunion and to eat food cooked by her mother, her two cooked, just hope that's all. Perfume Mother must be said that cooking is excellent, very good!
- Until now she had a special festival which really can not forget?
- Go online, many very young century, each running show on New Year they would be home early New Year's greetings to your parents, it would take place far from finished singing alo phone New Year's greetings to family, but sad place foreign , only knew each completed call and message only, which would be home at infinity. Only this time last year, while she finished singing Huong immediately called home to his parents New Year's greetings, good boy she's finished, Huong said by telephone: "anisotropic Oh, I remember very anisotropic, went home with all riders do not sing anymore, "Huong then feel sad ... after talking finished, Huong is not crying anymore ...
- The music career forward, why? She aims are and what to expect this in 2012?  
- Expected in June or July to come, but enjoy the music projects planned in advance will be officially released to the public. Huong hopes that audiences will embrace and give Huong strength to go on his way.


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