Friday, January 27, 2012

The company famous British car manufacturer has chosen the right 77 for the One-77 that 50 units is slightly less, while 100 units is too many.

The reputation of the cars from Aston Martin is no question, as it always is the top choice of world players, singers and a range of celebrities worldwide. However, the One-77 is not the model that any celebrity who wants a property can be, since only 77 were built properly, and its price is only for the billionaires true: USD 1.4 million.
Referring to the sample project to produce a million dollar One-77, Marek Reichman - the designer of the Aston Martin did not hide his proudly: "We want to demonstrate their capabilities for the world to see." The fussy and meticulous in the process of producing this car is shown in that, instead of being assembled on a single line as the vehicle to the other, assembly process One-77 is divided into 7 stages different before final assembly and delivery to customers.
One-77 is Aston Martin's pride in the segment Hypercar. This car ownership V12 7.2 liter capacity, for a capacity of 750 horsepower, maximum speed is 354 km / h.
Therefore, even though property prices extremely "chat" is 1.4 million, still has numerous customers willing to pay, booking a year to own a. As Mr. Chris Poritt - Aston Martin's chief designer said, One-77 can not be the fastest car but the car is the most splendid.
Foothold in the production area One-77, many people will feel surprised when it feels like you are standing in front of a showroom displaying products rather than a factory. Clean and neat is the first impression we have seen. There was no shadow of the robot, but instead is the master engineer in the automotive industry, himself cared little for each stage of the production process.
The frame - the most important parts of this car was produced by Multimatic company in Toronto, Canada.
In a vehicle (especially the car), the two most important parts of the frame and engine, in which the carbon fiber chassis of this car was worth nearly half of all cars. The chassis of the One-77 is produced in about three weeks under the close supervision of six skilled craftsmen, which requires strict adherence in each stage one, from outsourcing to the installation or dried.
After you have passed the final inspection stage in Canada, the frame will be moved to the UK. Here, the shape of the car began to be formed or assembled in the chassis and axle covered with a coating. This process takes about two weeks. After all such process, this new frame is transmitted to the hands of Aston Martin to paint the customer's liking.
By this time, One-77 supercar will be equipped with important information such as wiring, pipes and fuel tanks, cockpit, controls, motor vehicles and finally the wheels 20 inch Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires wrapped.After completing all the details, the supercar will be brought to trial before its delivery to customers.
"The main character" One-77 has an appearance offering its new owners a very impressive way.
Especially, when receiving the product, customers will be put into a dark room and wait consumption. Then, 500 LED lights will light up, screening the main character is a One-77, and the light began to appear again so that customers can witness the car of her dreams.
Currently, many of the 77 One-77 is unclear whereabouts, but there are rumors that the company has sold the entire production, even a great country would put 10 units, the color of each one to "watch out. '
Together more images of the production car Aston Martin One-77:


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