Monday, January 30, 2012

While New Year's busy, colorful costumes are young, fresh Beauties are always options to meet down the street with good luck wishes.

The colors are always popular Di Ice - sister of Li Hai choose to wear to walk around, play with People who love going to take the Opportunity may Pagodas or early spring.
With a slim design, hugging dresses not only stand out pen đó Di Tapes show the sexy curves of her.
The flowers are showy and very suitable point in the New Year
Coordinated By Di map very well, the belt and shoes are pink ton sur ton, her young, dynamic and outstanding
Very soft feminine dress dotted with red balls and spreading Skirts
The hot colors are always the first choice of her love emerge as Di Tape
Apart from the role model image, Di Tape is confirmed as a singer and self-creation of His. She cherished nhiều Big Plans for the new year.



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