Friday, January 6, 2012

The filmmakers are now constantly take advantage of to increase the hot scenes for the film.In 2011 the last year can be considered as a burst of hot love scene in the film United languages.

Chief among these must include the film Tam Kim Thoa Cross Mausoleum of Zhang Yimou to monitor hot sex "female Staff lang" Ni Ni and by Turkey. Since the launch trailer movie introduction, this scene has been utilized to attract the attention of the public. This is a Japanese soldier shooting a thoroughly raped Chinese women, this scene is the film critic of China considered to be portrayed the cruelty of war but still not too far vulgar.
 Action film Turn Land Lang Yen Ho Dai Wei directed by Peter Ho, Leung, Phi Ngo Ha, Xiao Zong period ... also indispensable scenes hot love bold colors. Peter body fitness scene was beautiful, attractive Xiao Zong period that many female fans to stupor.
 Try to love before marriage is a film inspired era should also indispensable that the sex scenes dramas always abuse. In this film, the European chronically Na Tu and Yeoh quite nice and the art of getting the audience to "fever bloated Sikhism."
Love films Urban Van forces useful guide is to build content around the love story of four couples.Already love the indispensable hot sex scenes, so once again Profile Zhang, actors of the film was shown with seductive scenes.
The film history Xinhai Revolution before release was leaked scenes of Jackie Chan and Li. According to Zhang Le, this scene was acting beyond the limits of both the past they have used alcohol before the role play. Unfortunately, this scene had been removed after moderation.
Lin Chi-Ling Liao whatsoever and also very hot scenes in the movie happy degree, Chiling Lin said it was the film that her "revealing" the most ever. Also by this statement that netizens praised chemical supplies "good numbers than Tony."
Dai S and Korean soup made ​​surprise fans and venting clothes sacrifice for art film martial University students. This is the first scene of Korean hot soup when he got into acting
 Son Lam Truong again sold erotic nude shower scene in the movie Han Ying 2 .
Kwok and Zhang Ziyi is equally competitive with acting in movies romantic love the most .


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