Friday, April 29, 2011

Yesterday (28 / 4), Google has officially released the video chat feature on the phone Android smartphone S. Nexus
Chat video xuất hiện trên điện thoại Android
Google said it will update this feature to other phones in the next few weeks as an update for Android 2.3. Also, the Android version 2.3 of the future will be built in video chat for 2 Wi-Fi and 3G.
"Now, you can video chat or voice chat with friends, family and colleagues on your Android phone, whether they are using tablet PCs, phones, or use Gmail with Google Talk on their computer, "Google said in a blog yesterday.
To access a video or voice chat icon will appear next to the Contact list on Google Talk, and you just click on that icon to connect. If you need to perform a different task, the video will pause, but the audio will continue.
In addition, Android users can still use third-party applications such as Fring and Skype to make video calls her.
Video chat feature on the Android phone.
According to PC Mag



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