Friday, April 29, 2011

Handling creases certainly is not easy. So, right from the age of 20, try to comply with the principles beauty to enjoy a smooth skin, young.
Tuyệt chiêu chống nếp nhăn tuổi 20
 Cardio exercises or walking is very beneficial for health and also prevent the appearance of wrinkles, helps blood circulation, reduce stress - a cause of aging skin becomes. No surprise that the queen of ancient Egypt was like sleeping on a silk pillow because it feels smooth to the skin and hair. You can also change your pillow covers with silk or satin to minimize the direct impact of the knee to the skin. The skin is an important factor making your own beauty. However, this is also easily affected by exposure to external factors like UV rays, chemicals, pollution ... So whether you need to find the appropriate skin care to keep youthful, bright skin. Drink plenty of water to prevent dry skin, dehydration. This also causes the skin to form wrinkles early. Drinking green tea is good for skin irritation due to collagen production. Therapy simple beauty of this ancient and women are preferred. Also need to change your lifestyle habits by restricting the chin, hand on face spleen, and practice smiling in the mirror to minimize unnecessary wrinkles. Also do not forget to wear sun glasses when outside to protect the eyes and skin.

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