Friday, April 29, 2011

HTC's rise reflects the fact the products smartphone has a touch screen is becoming increasingly popular with breakneck speed.
Giá trị thị trường của HTC vượt Nokia

According to Bloomberg , HTC is the company producing smart mobile phones worth the No. 2 market in Asia, surpassing Nokia on aspects of the world. This marks a turning point in changing mobile world. Not a few new names to participate in industry has challenged the dominance of the mobile phone companies of Finland this.
From early 2011 until now, the maker of smart phones, only HTC and Apple shares rally. HTC shares rose 30% in 2011, while Nokia shares down 20% during the period.

The rise of HTC reflect actual product categories with the smartphone touchscreen become so popular with breakneck speed. Although according to IDC forecasts, growth may slow in 2011, the smart phone market in the world will still grow by 50%. Many mobile phone companies have no time to adapt to this change is too urgent.
According to Bloomberg



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