Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lý do iPhone 4 màu trắng trì hoãn quá lâu
"The iPhone release delayed 4 white creates a mystery as well as the scarcity value," one analyst commented on the delay of this stylish handset.
"Finally" is a phrase that was found in the top four white photographs iPhone exclusively on the Apple site when it was officially sold yesterday (28 / 4).
Model 4 white iPhone is expected to release alongside the black edition in June last year. However, due to the difficulties encountered in its production as mentioned, always more than 10 months later, the new white model appears on the official market.
A few weeks ago, 4 sample white iPhone has leaked the pictures to change as more proximity sensors to turn off the screen to save battery and prevent the application is suddenly opened. This change has not been introduced in the previous version of the iPhone by the proximity sensor is not affected by the front of this model is black.
"Things do not simply produce the white iPhone 4. There are many things we have to study and how to overcome the operation of the sensor. We are grateful to those customers who have been patiently waiting while we are trying to completed product, "said Philip Schiller, Apple's marketing director said.
Analyst Brian White Ticonderoga Securities security firm predicts that four white iPhone can help increase sales of the Apple phone. Accordingly, there will be about 1 to 1.5 million units were sold on January 3 until the next generation iPhone launch.
"This delay creates a mystery as well as the scarcity value of around 4 white iPhone. The purchase of the electronic devices are not totally rational decision and customers choose to buy Apple products because many different reasons such as aesthetics, function, quality and innovative elements, "said Brian White.



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