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Never structures twenties again, "hard" tattoo today. They argue that "the players" should know that tattoos and "took" the right time for people to be ... Eye wash.
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Not difficult to identify "markers" when the street or sitting cold coffee machine. However, they do not know that tattoos are "cool" the body will cause unpredictable consequences and follow them throughout the rest of their lives.

"Beauty" to be near their private

Fan tattoo in youth are being brought up not only in European countries like Britain, America, Canada ... which began to spread to many Asian countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea ... in Vietnam "cool" tattoos have emerged from several years back but most are operating underground, illegal, unlicensed business and ensure supplies. Most of the "grassroots" tattooed youth are being appreciated for the aesthetic quality as well as today is the work of tattooing "illegal."

Xăm mình: Nâng tầm đẳng cấp, Tin tức trong ngày, hinh xam, xam minh, dang cap, giang ho, vung kin

Tattoo on the back of two young girls
Young people now believe that tattooing is also a play to show bravery and stylish ... In this group you have the tattoo will last as many people with tattoos to express "class" of the group. SH is riding a girl wearing pants two wires and cut back ... But the road meets the eye is a scorpion tattoo two days at her waist. Every time you lean on this side, Vulnerability other side is like two scorpions as well as lean, while those who go back not only from curiosity to see the first part of the scorpion without its tail section that begins from ... point on the skin around her immense. And feel like everyone's attention, she lifted his shoulders to the waist would reveal the second scorpion on his waist nà peeled as to annoy those ... who are curious.
Not just warm place to sit at the cafe on Hang Hanh - where are the young "lifestyle" undesirable. Where I sat opposite a table of four young girls are very lively conversation. May need ear I hear talk about "from her baking" is. "You see nice? - A girls shirt pulled up to reveal a side of the heart," she asked. "Often alone, as I said ...", nè, immediately turning her back side laid bare to the waist hawk tattoo.
She left after looking for friends ... dragon mouth hole at shooting nonstop navel also sat on the collection tattoo unique way. " She's also playing for damage to his voice: "Yes ... this new tattoo place called a poison."

"Class" of tattoos
Meet V. Wanderer is a gentle village had retired hurt, said: "Before my team has 6 tattoos, most are filled with bizarre shapes like the wolf canine mild form, the knife is through the rose petals. Even with two sisters in the group also owns two or three roses, apricot flowers on the arms and the nape.
As if to show me proof, V. off their coats on their backs and V. a black dragon, winding along the length of the back. V. said "that's sleeping dragon." After this, V. motor 5 minutes and drink a glass of wine, turned sharp dragon, dragon scales dark places where crackers and moved along by movements of the back muscles. This tattoo under his nearly 20 years with much sadness, especially those ... Battle fatal because of the black dragon. V. recalled clashes with a group of young people as car crashes, accidentally tearing his shirt to reveal the dragon. Seeing this young team immediately "treated" him a tattered battle.

Xăm mình: Nâng tầm đẳng cấp, Tin tức trong ngày, hinh xam, xam minh, dang cap, giang ho, vung kin

Not everyone wants whatever tattoo
V. explains further: In the second sibling's loss, not everyone can be a key tattoo. Everyone has a "core", the day it is to "play" to the bitter end. After the children have to mention tattoos pin boat right shoulder. Tattoos boat people are "more comfortable in implementing the orders of seniors" because "boat anchor, where it wants to go." Higher level is a small dragon on the upper arm. This is the symbol of the hand she had the cheek and efficient supporter of the "black dragon". V. adds some more tattoos in the world can now sit third sibling, is still the most important carp and black dragon.
Like the case of V, not long ago in the area near Hanoi train station just because tattoos are a bit "goose" that T. house in Thanh Xuan, was almost a little bit more siblings in this population of "teaching" for a match. "From that time until now, each time appearing in crowded places I did not dare to" show off "more tattoos ..." - T. not hide the fear when I recall the old story.
"Pride" on ... operating table
Tattoo under eye view of Vietnam is not synonymous with human dignity. Therefore, most of the tattoo when you detect the family must go to hospital to remove even have to take on the convex and concave scars unforgettable. He S. - A tattooed man who said: "Before, because I want to express themselves, I have two dragons tattooed on his arm.
Now go for a job where everyone was looking to take his eyes sympathetic. I have a tattoo removed to hospital. Now, look at two small arms dotted scars, big, rough, sorry it was late. "

At a hospital, I met a young man about 35 years old, named T., as he was waiting on the campus of the hospital. Regrets that tormented T. because he carried on his tattoos, but not easy to justify ... when preparing to get married so he sought to clear the hospital for a tattoo.

As per the advice of your doctor's surgery Laser Science, the dragon tattoo upper arm and chest heart's blood dyed T. after being removed with a laser will be able to leave scars and are never lost. T. contemplative: "Now I'm thinking, but not before the latter must also erased it."
In another case, before going to get married, she decided to remove the tattoo patterns around the abdomen as if to lift off things "of poison" that she once proudly. That is M., a girl I met at the Dermatology Hospital. She said to Thailand for surgery, but heard Dermatology BV can try going to do pretty well. M. said: I heard that tattoos can be bleached out but always leave a scar, scars, bad or good, convex or concave is due to the location of each person ... but "even wear scar than a tattoo on your body." It is true that a spirited ...
Doctor Dang Hoang Anh, head of medical science, City Hospital of Dermatology, said department receives each week from 7 to 10 cases remove tattoos, most at age 30, who is preparing to marry or find work do ... go delete.
Huang He told the doctor added: "Before there is a clear case I cause a dragon tattoo back, every day just to be clear about 10cm, more than a month to complete." Tattoo removed 10 cm $ 200 thousand dollars, the customer must take place over 5 million.
May affirm, tattooing has left hardly unexpected consequences that you want to "solve" it is not about a day or two. So the doctors removed the new tattoo is very specialized advice: Delete is tattooed on ... operating table, then the "pride" will pinch as scars.
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