Friday, April 29, 2011

Nước Mỹ bàng hoàng vì lốc xoáy khủng khiếp nhất 40 năm quaRound of tornadoes worst in 40 years has created a horrific scene in the devastated southern U.S. states, killing at least 295 people dead. Since 1974, when 148 tornado attack led some states and 310 deaths, new country suffered a severe cyclone that caused so many deaths. Up to this point, there were at least 295 people dead, and that number could still rise. James Sykes, a survivors after the tornado, described as seeing a monster on the street sucking everything into the air. Meanwhile, the Alabama governor exclaimed: "We have experienced a very tragic event in Alabama." Also, tornadoes also caused about one million people lived in the state power in the state. Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox, described as the city has been "wiped." Mr Maddox said: "I do not know how people can survive. It was a horrific scenes. I do not even recognize it as the city they lived. " Meanwhile, Alabama is the state most heavily affected, with more than 131 people dead. Only in the city of Tuscaloosa has killed 36 people. Moreover, in Mississippi also have at least 32 people dead, followed by 30 people in Tennessee, 11 in Arkansas, 13 in Georgia, seven in Virginia and three in Missouri. Tim Holt, a hotel worker in Ringgold - the town most severely devastated in Georgia - said: "Our town is only broken pieces. Tornado damage it has caused about 80%. "
Nước Mỹ bàng hoàng vì lốc xoáy khủng khiếp nhất 40 năm qua
Americans stunned by the spectacle had occurred.
 In a recent press conference, Obama promised to support fast disaster recovery. "We are very painful to a loss in the last round of devastation," he said, and said Obama will visit Alabama to examine the damage today. The president also did not forget to praise the efforts of those who respond to disaster, as they actively clean up areas affected by cyclone attack and search for victims.
National Weather Center USA recently received a total of 137 reported tornado happened last Wednesday, bringing the total number of tornadoes was over 300 matches statistically since Friday last week. Notably, among them a tornado with a width of about 20 times larger than a normal tornado. This natural disaster has caused the U.S. government declared a state of emergency in eight southern states.
Nước Mỹ bàng hoàng vì lốc xoáy khủng khiếp nhất 40 năm qua
Rescue work is being carried out urgently.
 Heavy rains and strong winds are forecast will appear in tomorrow, leaving 21 states across the United States could face the extreme weather phenomena.
The recent storms is statistically natural disasters cause many deaths in the U.S., after Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, this terrible storm has caused 1,800 people died in Louisiana.
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