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Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Universal jump Monday 2011 season spent two weeks "the bourse." To this third week, there will be a couple was eliminated. Same view in scoring 10 candidates, who will be queen usurpation "universal Leap" by Ngo Thanh Van?
Thuy Tien
So suddenly hot on the name of Thuy Tien has always been the audience attention, and many people argue her ability crowned this year is quite high by Thuy Tien has also shown the complex choreography of the music clips or on stage. Besides, the love of owning a re Vinh force fans overwhelmed the contestants remaining, the 50% was chosen because the message was very advantageous for Thuy Tien. In addition, the Thuy Tien pretty lucky to be paired with a dancer Petyo high as it easy to coordinate together to make the chain movement is difficult and quite dangerous. But in the competition last night, what can Thuy Tien is really not as expected although the jury is pretty much her fans support.
BGK Thuy Tien Chi, he said "coming in a little too much sometimes when it's not your strength. Folk music very well but obviously not drop your soul into it." Thi Khanh also proved quite observant, "Thuy Tien fairly run. This proves that in the shoulders and neck back into her slightly." Tran Tien musicians are more gentle when joking: "On your marks show what men are like scars on her chest too."
BGK though not many, but commended the audience enjoyed performances by Thuy Tien and you jump. She received continuous applause enthusiastic cheers from the audience present at the scene.
From the beginning, Thanh Thuy is the name always neglected by her ultimately only as good at trodien members. But what Thanh Thuy expressed in Monday night contest in fact for the jury to make the audience completely by surprise. Not overshadowed by the brightest candidates Thu Minh, she has created a sexy, passionate and very attractive in its own dance to the tune of Cha Cha Cha Sway. No longer a young mother soy information, nor Education must always show her inner rocky stage, Thanh Thuy unexpected "free determination" becomes a totally different person. Eyes, smiles and expressions makes her so great bench of judges who can not help but praise. Briefly Thi Khanh said: "praise!" and for candidates with a tiny 9-point shape. He also Chi, the "long line" rather than "Wait forever do not see the explosion but it appears Thuy had exploded immediately. The dance is for Thuy!" Indeed, Thanh Thuy is a mystery hard to say, but if this level is to ensure the mother is a child will eventually touch the gold trophy.
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Thanh Thuy "makeover" into a completely different woman on the dance floor

Kim Hien
A character can not not mention that Kim Hien, although the first appearance in the competition but it seems the night she and her dance partner Daniel did not have a bit worried. Based on the famous song Uptown girl, the couple led the audience in a theater screen Chachacha area, hot and full of expression. British Journal for the first time that dance like that have success. But like last year's contest, Chi Anh and Khanh Thi always have conflicting opinions. Dancesport Queen said: "Kim Hien show good face but the legs go a bit slow and disjointed." Finally, she is also quite close to hand when the actress's love Doc has 7 points Thi Khanh old dance "Steam xenh" with 8 points.
Its strength is to "act" pretty good. She was really keen when actors bring this advantage to the stage of the dance. But perhaps too focused on the place where Kim Hien forget that you are participatingJump universal. We hope that with good expression on his face, Kim Hien just try harder to not be an error rate or too focused on acting, then who knows in 89 minutes, Kim Hien can turn the situation because she has been juggling food ideas with Daniel and General Definition of repertory dance 3.
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Kim Hien scored the mark in the heart of viewers by their efforts.
Huy Khanh
Huy Khanh to the present time are not too popular, but not "that" sinking. He always makes the audience curious and will do in the guessing whether the next round. If the opening night, Huy Khanh heartthrob rather clumsy hands and feet have not really owned the stage, to implement this night, he has really improved that. It is this guy not know what to do in the competition Tuesday night here?
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Thanh Thuy is unknown if the title is unknown, the Huy Khanh confusing? The audience does not understand he will complete round again I do?
Nguyen Vu
Have to admit one thing that Nguyen Vu is trying very hard to practice hard to bring performances including impressive display of his dancing friends danced at the end of Nguyen Vu received enthusiastic applause from the audience author. Obviously the harder you have seriously made ​​the moves he's much more tough. He even makes Thi Khanh hips to stand up together for too sexy and hot. But because so focused, so he forgot himself as an actor, should have good expression in the body and face. He is sometimes too focused on techniques that sometimes you forget that you have held, lacks the necessary harmony. If you know how to relax and efficiency will be even better. If the score he deserved 8 / 10 for trying to practice the most serious and persistent.
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Nguyen Vu
Vu Thu Phuong
Vu Thu Phuong is pretty much advantage, she is your first dance too great Tisho - Ngo Thanh Van, who had crowned champion. Second, she has a body too standard and Tuesday she made the audience enjoy the costumes designed by ourselves. But perhaps because the way to 5 am so worried about her outfit is not much time for exercise. Besides, she sometimes lacks confidence and has the dance moves are not definitive performances should not be very good. Thu Phuong hopes that more will break for the following night to impress and to shape their personality.
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Whether she will rally as Ngo Thanh Van, or as soon as the flowers stop Vu Hoang Diep mobile?
Hua Vy Van
Ignore the luxuriant groves unnecessarily, Hua Vy Van is currently the hottest character now that he is always available in the Vietnamese air primetime drama, this means that he will attract many female fans glued on the viewing screen Leap universal and vote for her. But this much is not enough to watch out that you can touch the highest throne by watching the dancing ability of Vi Van only at safety, if not a lack of fire and light. As of Monday night, the role of men, but because Anna Van has led to almost all items. This causes judges to Khanh Thy Tran musicians for urgent progress for so many beautiful people dance, while his script back up less than donng the jump.
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Hua Vy Van too dependent on your dancing
Thu Minh
From the beginning, Thu Minh was widely regarded as the Queen of the universal dance step this year. She was expected to learn the most by buying from small, too big advantage here is that candidates do not have. Monday music Thu Minh is pursuing a dance with the dancing flames. But not so that she subjectively, by the Thu Minh and his comments on that: "The dance we learned from here is small but modern dance with various dance moves, forcing you to get along with you dance in every gesture and movement. So I need to try more! "
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Thu Minh - candidate for the championship
Dai Nghia
Not emphasize winner, every time he appeared on stage once again delight audiences smiling because of his humor. So comedian Dai Nghia "food points" BGK and the audience by dancing the dance combined with humor. How to show passion and he's very ... natural, although he is not about technical perfection too, but this is Dai Nghia factors helped win support from the audience. He did not deliberately make a reasonable game that blends their own personality into the story and action.Looking stylish presentation of the general means can associate Siu Black. She has also been criticized more or less looks and thought are not going anywhere, but "Nightingale jungle" was going to round top 3 vote by the Message of the audience and even the score for the BGK for her efforts. And this material is similar to what happens to Dai Nghia?
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Great unknowns That is interesting
Pham Anh Khoa
Anh Khoa true gentleman, each step is sure and strong, bright spirit move, elegant and heartfelt. But he is only valid if you transform into his elegant, powerful. If the next test in the night, giving greater flexibility to the steps, if Science can do this?
Chấm điểm các cặp đôi ở 'Bước nhảy hoàn vũ'
Pham Anh Khoa - elegant gentleman
If you predict the highest throne of the universal dance step , the name Thu Minh, Thanh Thuy, Vu Thu Phuong Thuy Tien is most deserving!
According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications

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