Saturday, April 30, 2011

DAP News and Kampuchea Thmey have reported that fighting between Cambodian and Thai troops had broken out at Ta Krabey (pictured) and Ta Moan Thom temples again despite two ceasefire agreements reached between Cambodian and Thai commanders. The first ceasefire was reached on Thursday, but fighting broke out a few hours later and lasted till Friday morning. On Friday, the two sides talked again and reached another ceasefire agreement, but fighting broke out again at 8:05 p.m last night when Cambodian troops accused Thai troops of attacking them with rockets. Kampuchea Thmey reported that at 5:15 a.m this morning, Thai troops began shelling Ta Moan Thom temple heavily. It also reported that Thai people in Surin province plan to hold a demonstration against the Thai military, whom they accused of instigating a border fighting with Cambodia. According to the report, many Thai people do not believe that Cambodia, as a small and weak country, dare to instigate an armed conflict with the bigger and stronger Thailand. Cambodian commanders told DAP News that as at 5:45 a.m this morning, Saturday 30th April, the Thai side had suspended their shelling of Ta Krabey and Ta Moan Thom temples. 
By Khmerization
Sources: DAP News and Kampuchea Thmey


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