Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nokia thận trọng với thị trường máy tính bảngStephen Elop, CEO of Nokia said they will not rush to launch a new tablet form in the future. 
Apple tablet PC manufacturer, RIM, HP, too, while Google's Android phones are flooding the market. Even recently, Sony also announced two models of multimedia tablet brand new. So why not Nokia?

Nokia thận trọng với thị trường máy tính bảng
With the Elop said the CEO, it seems we admire on a tablet Nokia brand is still quite distant. 
In a latest move, the Finnish mobile manufacturer has reached an agreement with Microsoft on the Windows platform will use the phone for your mobile device launches in the near future.
"The challenge is now about £ 200 PCs on the market, but only one of which (iPad) is actually received by the public," he said Elop. "We do not want to become victim No. 201, so we have to create a unique product style of Nokia. Our experts are working very hard to realize that" .
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