Friday, April 29, 2011

A reader of the site MacRumors has discovered that four white iPhone has just sold out of Apple than the original thickness of about 1mm black.
iPhone 4 màu trắng dày hơn bản màu đen
4 white iPhone Apple officially sold in 28 countries yesterday (28 / 4). Although impressed by the fresh and bright white, but this version seems thicker than the black version was released last year.
iPhone 4 màu trắng dày hơn bản màu đen
Apple has not yet mentioned about the thickness as well as changing features, if any.
A reader of MacRumors discovered that: "When holding four white iPhone, I found it did not fit the containers. It seems that Apple has increased the size of plastic layer surrounding the mirror on the edge about 1 mm.
According Slashgear 



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