Friday, April 29, 2011

Để yêu chàng hoàn hảo hơn
"Love" is the sublimation time of love. So before the "combat", or dismiss you all that long and frustrating session.
One of the contradictions of couples in sex is the phase difference: people want, not nuuoi. In which the cause is largely due to the woman: tired, angry, talk to their children, work, life pressures, money makes no sisterly libido and often subtle when her husband demands.
1. Sex is considered the number one targetNikki Morgan, sexual education expert has given advice on how the girls may have a great life style by the hint for you to remove anything before bed?
After a day's work fatigue, child care, work and do dozens of other nameless, if you still have much to do or worry or anything else listed it out tomorrow to resolve, but do not bring up the bed, drag it to dominate the entertainment to you. Remember, I is the time to relax him, so it or see it as a goal, nothing can compete.
"Send your partner a message rocked, and said that you have enough energy to go to bed. Along with sexy clothes, wear perfume on the body, cleaning room and romantic decoration. But the job indicates that you expect to know how much love talks. And there will be touched by it, "Barrow said Morgan.
2. Leave troubles, conflict
Life inevitable, but at install and, conflict, over all, you would be a woman too busy with my mountain of work and caring about his family again. You and your husband but also time debating something.But, when have identified up to bed, remove thoughts of what he is doing for you rave, or just thinking about the moments of sublimation and the happiness of two people. You will master your feelings on the bed and not affected by anything that causes "treat" his was destroyed.
3. Relax comfortably
Or make yourself have a mind so well before you "enter the contest." The best way is to take the time or care to do so enthusiastic chang chang "in return" back to you. Cooking a dinner for him is incredible, together with the exchange stories delicate food, fun will shield the living space of two people happy and peaceful. When that is comfortable in moments like that, sure he will make you extremely happy when in bed.
4. Changes itself very sexy and attractive
Do not think he would have to change, assess your beautiful, radiant or charming than tomorrow if you still retain the old clothes, old style dress and old habits. Therefore, the best way is to do the truly beautiful and dashing by changing ourselves. If you do not like long ago to justify buying new clothes, new underwear contest or do it right away. Plus it is a little rouge on the bed to light when the lips and soft blush intelligent than you will surely attract the attention of the chang when to bed.
5. Naughty, fun racing ahead "now deserted island"
When you think workers in each bed is burning now? Or offer to do is just but the man kissed and caressed enthusiasm? Not enough. According to the psychologist, the request will become hot and more interesting if, before the start, but two people told each other funny stories, I teu.
Wedding story works very well in stimulating your libido. It makes you completely to the potatoes and reduce stress, and more excitement. The faster than great, but if that were the story a little bit amiss.Both will feel hot flashes on each side and want to work immediately. Therefore, for proving or collecting interesting stories about sex for the occasion to carry out manipulation.
According to Betty / Tapchilamdep

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