Friday, April 29, 2011

A man in America has been caught by police after the children addicted to inhaling spray paint this painting full mouth, chin and nose.
Kelly Gibson has been arrested at home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, after his wife Elizabeth police report.He was with the police discovered a silver spray paint and spray paint on hand-filled face. Gibson is an addict and had inhaled paint smell was arrested 47 times for similar crimes before.
Bị cảnh sát bắt vì nghiện hít sơn
Kelly Gibson is an addict inhaling paint smells.
The report says Gibson's house always smells toxic paint. Meanwhile, according to research, the smell of paint inhalation overdose may cause liver damage addict, kidney and brain. However, the arrest was Gibson's most recent drug addicts do not seem to quit this terrible habit.
According to Metro


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