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There are many complex reasons why women start having sex "out flow" and the reasons why you may be surprised.
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1. Emotional needs
Women should also have feelings and they always want to be emotional connection, intimacy and maintain their love even when they were married.
According to a published study, women always want to seek satisfaction from relationships outside to find a happy marriage. Whereas men can be relatively happy in their marriages but still fall into adultery.
2. Revenge
But this is strange for you but in reality, many women decide to commit adultery because he wanted revenge on a husband or their loved ones after they have been deceived. This is common practice that many women who commit adultery. When they know their husbands are "pho" on the outside, many women also seek revenge and "to eat paper." They commit adultery because both want to prove themselves attractive to their husbands just want to know the discomfort and pain to know how cuckold.
3. Poll husband
Many women have actively told lies to be able to "walk" with other men while still maintaining their marital status as well as it's thuong.Nguyen led many women to commit adultery because they want to visit exploration of their husbands, exploration of love and forgiveness of the person they're married and living together
With these cases, the only date women with a different partner by the actions lightly, but never go the limit, such as watching movies, eating, talking ...
4. Not satisfied with their sex lives are
If sex between two spouses are too boring and that both men are not satisfied, is also the biggest culprit that both spouses can commit adultery.
Especially if you are powerless and do not meet the requirements will be Sex makes women feel lonely, abused, or feel redundant in the main house and discontent minh.Chinh satisfaction with sex life, making women may be tempted or wrong decision in the marriage.
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