Friday, April 29, 2011

Along with 11 other countries, Japan was officially Apple iPad 2 distribution from today, after being postponed in late March due to the effects of earthquakes, tsunamis.

iPad 2 được bán chính thức tại Nhật Bản
Besides Japan, the distribution of 2 next iPad Apple is also implemented in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and eight other countries. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi version of the iPad 2 also will debut in China on 6 / 5 to. The next thing that Apple's market orientation to include India, Israel, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey and UAE.
iPad 2 were sold in the U.S. on 11 / 3. After that, Apple has expanded its distribution to 25 countries on 25 / 3. Under the original plan, Japan has listed the country, but affected by the earthquake, tsunami history, so Apple has decided to postpone the sale until iPad 2 in Japan today (28 / 4 .)
According to the latest report, Apple sold 4.7 million iPad in the first quarter of this year, lower than the 7.3 million units in the fourth quarter of last year (peak season shopping in the U.S. and Europe .)
Just yesterday, Apple has confirmed that four white iPhone will be sold in 28 countries, including the United States begins today (28 / 4). Apple has officially spoken on the IOS to monitor their users, with the explanation that it was a mistake in installing the software, and Apple will quickly fix that error in as soon as possible.



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